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Hi Lori.
I am so happy we're in this together. i experienced some very awful burning on Follistim last cycle so that's why I asked to try Bravelle this time. and your menopur sounds like my lupron. unfortunately for me i've done 7 injectable cycles already and they've always involved lupron, gonal-f, PIO, HCG, etc. so at least it isn't shocking to me to know i am getting all these scripts.
I am feeling more positive and hopeful now than i've felt for a long time. i think after my third IUI failed I kind of lost hope of IUI working and then when the 4th failed I was just numb to the disappointment. but now i feel better about everything especially knowing that IVF has a better success rate.
Cmarie - holy cow! your rear end must be so sore. 6 weeks of daily shots sounds awful. but you are so right - you are having babies and it is all worth it. and i am sure i'll be saying the same thing come the end of May. i would do absolutely anything it took if it meant having my dream come true.
Best of luck to you cmarie over the remainder of your pregnancy. what an exciting time for you!
Hi Holly.
The first time you get all the meds and needles and stuff it is a little shocking. but after you get organized it isn't so bad. my RE never prescribed Ovidrel for me, he always gave me generic HCG which is an IM shot so the first time I was supposed to do it and DH uncapped the needle I seriously almost fainted. I was leaning against the wall repeating to him are you sure that's the needle? are you sure you are supposed to jam something that big in my butt? i just couldn't believe someone not in the medical profession was supposed to jab me with that thing. so it took me hours to work up the nerve to let him do it and needless to say that screwed up the timing of everything else. but hopefully you won't get the IM HCG and won't have to worry about it. and if it brings you a bfp it will all be worth it. and you'll have lots of company going through IVF so that will make it more bearable.
Cmarie - I still can't believe you've been doing PIO shots daily for a month now. that is insane. you are the strongest woman i know.

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