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Hi girls just wanted to jump in and tell u guys its normal to react differently each month to the meds.I with no IF problems Dh is sterile we are using donor sperm have also reacted differently to clomid first month I did 50 mg had 3 mature follies then the 2nd month had only 1 mature follie 4 altogether but only 1 was big enough.So now this 3rd month I told my RE I was not happy with last months results cause I can give u 1 follicle without meds.So he put me on clomid along with bravelle this month.The bravelle helps the follies mature I was happy with the results I had 4 follies mature for IUI.So dont get so down on urselves even women who dont have IF issues react different.

BTW my 1 st month on clomid I did have a chemical pregnancy.So keep the faith maybe u can ask ur RE about the bravelle I mentioned.Good luck and keep us posted and remember heads up high.As for the co workers I hear u I know its hard I work with men thank god but the girl who works the morning shift has 5 kids 4 boys and 1 girl.Today when I came in and we talked briefly before she left she said to me I want to have another daughter I only have 1.I looked at her and said be thankful for ur kids and dont think that way cause u might get another boy.She also has no DH I think all her kids have different fathers.Crazy I wanted to kick her in the head no joke.She said I am thankful but I want another daughter.Sheesh some people.So just try to share in their happiness I know its hard but I try to stay positive and not get hurt every time I see a pregnant women or a women with a baby.I always try to look at the baby and smile.I know everyone is different and what u are feeling is human.


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