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I was on this forum briefly in the fall of last year. I am 27, DH and I have a 10 year old, and have been TTC #2 for four years. I was diagnosised last year with severe endo after having a my right ovary removed d/t 10 cm cyst. Went on Lupron, had a clear HSG, saw an RE and had an IUI in November with BFN. Got freaked out by the whole thing and stopped going to RE.
Last weekend I started having urinary frequency and cramping, thought maybe I had a urinary tract infection. Then I felt a lump in my lower abd. Had an U/S with primary OBGYN and I have a 12.5 cm cyst in my remaining ovary. She doesn't feel comfortable treating it, so now I have an appt with RE next Thursday for consultation. I'm scared, and I'm embarrassed to go back to see RE after just abruptly stopping treatment. I terrified to maybe have surgery again and terrified they will tell me I have no options left. I don't have the money for IVF without driving family into bankruptcy. Plus, the first cyst last year really didn't hurt that bad. This one is HORRIBLE, I have constant pressure and pain.
Has anyone been through endometriomas like this and retained ovarian function? I worried that even if they can save part of the ovary, that my ovarian reserve will be affected.
Advice please?

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