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Well I have discussed it with DH yet we will talk tonight when I get home.I just dont know what to do right now.I am so confused.I told RE we will probably go back to greece and if it would be a problem getting copies of my records he said no of course not.I am not liking what he says but he suggested doing 1 to 3 more IUI's and then think about IVF.I told him we dont have to money for IVF so our only hope is IUI.He said there are a million things that have to happen for a pregnancy to occur and we as RE's can only see if 3 or 4 of those things are fine.Now u have no issues ur eggs seem to be of good quality according to blood work every month ur lining is great and ur uterus and tubes are good.He told me he was sorry for the stress I went through last month.He also said the sperm was of good quality weather it sat in the frozen tank or in their tanks it was still frozen.I told him I just had a feeling cause it was the first time the count was real low.He said no it had nothing to do with that.I will see what meds he will give me but I do have bravelle from last month remember they gave me some and I ordered as well so I will take bravelle from them and return the rest.Get my money from that.I am just really mad that they seem to have forgotten the issue.We do have a big decission to make.So tonight I will talk with DH.He did say at the end he still really thinks I am on the higher % of getting pregnant.He said he feels I will get pregnant through IUI.

Hahahahaha Kari I just love messing with Deluka such an easy target.No but seriously u girls are great I love being able to discuss things other then IF all the time.Like I said earlier we all know what we look like now well we know characteristics (sp) and now we even know what size bra we wear.We just know so much about eachother its crazy.So u were a tall skinny girl urself.No I was the short white greek girl.I was such a tomboy played sports and was pretty darn good.Was on the varsity soccer team as a freshman and started.I kept to myself very shy but I did have my high school sweetheart but he went to another high school he went to High Point sure u know it.He was greek as well he had dark features very cute.I never knew what he saw in me cause I am serious I was such a tomboy and he was madly in love with me.5 year relationship everyone though we would get married.Oh well that ended which was fine cause we were young and had to experience life.

Yeah Ms.America or shall I say showed but she has yet to come in full force which is weird cause she normally comes in full force.Anyway I am sure she will be going strong tomorrow.So Sunday will be day 3 and that means got to go in for u/s.I thought about maybe sitting this round out but I dont know yet Deluka told me to sleep on it.Like I said I am still willing to fight and I am up for it.I guess at this point I have gotten used to it.I just dident know if my body could use the rest.Re dident recommend it when I saw him the other day he asked if we will go ahead this month and I asked him about the clomid cause I have taken it for 3 months and he said so far so good u are doing fine ur lining is fine plus u take prometrium after IUI which helps and if u do get a cysts it will go away by next month.He said clomid is fine as long as we are monitoring u.Well anyway I have talked ur ears off.Thanks for listening.


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