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Follistim Q
Apr 10, 2007
Hey everyone,

So I am starting my first cycle of follistim tomorrow, and I had a question for anyone that has done this. When I went to the training on how to administor the drug, she had me practice doing 150 iu; however, today, they told me I was to take 75 iu daily.

I was just wondering what your guys' starting dose was? Do you know if 75 is a common starting dose? I was searching online, and it seems that maybe the 150 is more geared towards those pursuing IVF since it will be more controlled; whereas with IUI, they don't want as many eggs?

Anyway, it would be helpful to hear some other people's starting doses, if they increased, etc.

Thanks! :)
Re: Follistim Q
Apr 10, 2007
hi Laurie:wave:

I did four cycles of follistim with IUI and I started at 75 units. I did have a few days where they put me up to 100 units. 75 is a pretty standard does for starting iui, especially if they don't know how you react to the medication. You don't want to get too stimulated. With my IVF cycle I did 225 units of follistim. Hope that helps!
Re: Follistim Q
Apr 10, 2007
I had never used injectables before and they started me on 200IU of Follistim for my first ivf cycle.
Re: Follistim Q
Apr 10, 2007

That sounds right. I started out at 100ius for my IUIs. Now I'm moving to IVF and will still take Follistim but it will be 200ius. Good luck this cycle!


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