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Would you gals let me know some of your experiences with the HSG test? I have had one BFN with clomid/iui and my plan was to do the HSG test if that failed. I plan to move to Gonal injections next month if this dreaded HSG comes back ok. I'm nervous about it. Worried that there might be scar tissue that is blocking tubes.

I'm also worried about cramping alot after the procedure. I've been directed to take a antibiotic tonight, tom.a.m., and tom. pm. I was also told to take Ibuprofin and if I wanted to I could take a Valium or pain pill. I think I have some Vicadin at home. Do you think the pain pill is necessary? How did you girls do with your testing. thanks and nervously awaiting.

I'll be glad when tomorrow @2pm. is over and gone.
thanks everyone,
I will take the Vicadin. I wonder if that is better than the Valium?
ANyway...I have a pretty good tolerance for pain. It just seems as though I've been feeling all of these "processes" much more than some. Now I'm just worried about it all. My IUI went okay. I had some cramping during it but it wasn't unbearable. I didn't need any pain pills and wouldn't consider using them the next time. I just don't know if this HSG is any different. Does the procedure touch my uterus, like the IUI? thanks to all of you. this helps so much. lizzie
Hi Lizzie,

Everything will be ok, it is more the anticipation more than anything. I have never taken pain pills for my IUI's as they never hurt me. I rarely had any cramping either. I think what is a little more uncomfortable is when the inject the ink dye in the tubes. My cousin had it done w/o any pain meds and she was just fine. I did not take pain pills but I wouldn't do it again w/o them. But really it's not that bad. I have had my urethra stretched and THAT was BAD!!! About the uterus question, Hmmm I hope I understand what you mean. They will have to go through there to get to the tubes I would think.

Hang in there try not to worry. Tomorrow you'll be saying that wasn't so bad!!


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