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Hi Holly!

I am so excited to see that things on the IVF track are progressing right along for you. You're in my prayers for a BFP!

I think I was particularly sensitive to injections bc ones that were not supposed to hurt really burned for me. I used lupron (for one cycle), Gonal-F and Menopur.

The lupron didn't sting at all. The Gonal-F and Menopur really did burn. I know this sounds ridiculous -- but after a while, you just sort of get used to it (unfortunately).

My tips for these injections are as follows: (1) sometimes it helped to ice the injection site for about 10 minutes prior to the injection to sort of numb the area a bit, (2) after you alcohol the injection site (which is before you administer the shot), make sure that the alcohol dries COMPLETELY before you give yourself (or DH gives you) the shot. Injecting when the alcohol is NOT dry adds to the stinging (you can fan the area with your hand to speed up the drying, but obviously don't blow on the area because you've got germs in your breath), and (3) when you are preparing your injection and use the plunger to push the medication to the top of the syringe (do you know what I mean? You prepare the needle for injection and push the medication to the top and a little bit comes out of the needle), make sure you flick the syringe (not on the needle of course, but on the plastic part) to flick off the drops of medication that get pushed out of the needle. If you inject yourself with medication still on the outside of the needle, that hurts.

Good luck, Holly! I wish you much success this cycle ...

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