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I lost my left tube in 2001 due to a tubal pg...wasn't even trying to get pg then. When I had my HSG done (last year), the right tube was completely blocked. The lap successfully unblocked my tube, but there are other issues going on with it. According to my RE, the remaining tube is abnormally curved at the end, and its also full of tiny polyps. The surgery did help - with only one tube that was completely blocked, there was NO way I could get pg. Of course, with the tube issues I still have, getting pg now won't be easy, but at least it's possible. My RE suggested IVF, so we are giving that a try...I just started my first IVF cycle. I don't have any children yet.

Obviously I can't tell you what to do, but I am glad that I went through with the surgery. Even if I haven't gotten pregnant yet, I know that it is possible, and it definitely wasn't possible a year ago. I have heard by many people that a lap increases your chances of conceiving greatly. It might be easier for you to make your decision after you speak with your dr.

Is your right tube open?

Good luck!!


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