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[QUOTE=jennaf;2960423]OMG! I'm so glad I'm not the only one! I thought I was a narcoleptic or something! I sleep ALL day long! I don't get up until 10:30, only to make breakfast for my son (step son) and then I go back to bed! Then I wake up to make him lunch, then stay up for a couple of hours, then usually fall asleep on the couch while he is playing. Today is my first day back to work since on the meds, and I cannot stay awake!!! I came in at 6 this moring and stay til 6 tonight! I'm never gonna make it!
Question though- yesterday I started getting like a crampy or pressure feeling. Is that normal? I know that I feel that when you get pregnant, but we would have only conceived last weekend. And I think that is too early. Does the prometrium make you feel that?

Thanks for your reply's!!![/QUOTE]

I have had cramps with all of my pregnancies. There would be times when I thought I was getting my period because I cramped so bad. I have also heard too that the prometrium can make you cramp. Hope this helps! I slept pretty much all day too today!

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