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[QUOTE=yigo;2962771]RE did a fine job and I got to keep my uterus!!! Although one thing we couldn't see on SHG. The left fallopian tube had to be removed along with the polyps and fibroids. But he left the ovary so if we needed to do IVF I can use eggs from both ovaries. But I'm counting on BFP on my IUI.
Two of the small fibroids were left alone to mimimize the uterine muscle damage. Now the 8WW begins. On the second checkup we'll see if I healed well enough for IUI. I'm now on BCP and have other hormone tab that I need to place on cervix twice a day. I'm probably only going to need pain pills a few more days. Although, I never expected the breathing tube to leave my throat so sore. Feels like a horrible strep throat that was left for too long without anti-biotics. When I talk it sounds like a croak. But I'm patient and I'm excited that now with a "clean" uterus hopefully a little bean will stick. thanks again to all for those good wishes you sent my way![/QUOTE]

Congrats on your surgery. You seem to be in the same boat with me. I conceived my litle girl now 7 months after a Laparatomy to remove adhesions. The conception happened after a month. 10 months later my bay was born on 22nd September 2006 through c-section performed on the same place of laparotomy. It works and I hope it will work for you. Good luck. It is normal for the throat to be felt that way it will go with time. Wishing you all the best. You are in my thoughts and prayers

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