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Hi all, so back at work today after lap & dye on Thursday. Didn't have the procedure until late in the afternoon, felt dreadful and dizzy when I woke up but was determined to get home (spent too long in that hospital in the past year!) so walked around, asked the nurse to take the needle out of my hand, generally acted as though I was great and got discharged and went home and just collapsed into bed until Saturday.....

I got my notes to pass to my GP on the way out so I opened them and checked how it had gone (as I may have to wait several weeks for the follow-up appointment). The surgeons notes were "easy fill and spill of dye, no pelvic disorders, continue to next stage of treatment" so at least it was as I expected, all fine with the remaining tube. DH also used the opportunity of being at the hospital to do his sample to get our file up to date for the next appointment. So, looks like clomid next. Depends on how quickly my appointment comes through as to whether it is end of May or June that I start.

I promised the truth to all those about to have the same procedure. Well, I am back at work, with a bruised and tender tummy, nothing drastic, just need to be a little careful. I felt dreadfully sick for a few hours after the op from the anesthetic but since then just a bit tired all weekend really - and a HUGE tummy that started post-op at around 8 months pregnant and has deflated to its current size of about 4 months pregnant - how ironic ;) i was hoping to at least get offered a seat on the tube this morning but not even that! At least that shows me how I will be treated when I am really pregnant......hopefully very soon.....

Good luck, and ALM, don't worry xxx

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