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hey carisa, im so sorry you went throguh that!! i would be pretty outraged that my d&c didnt take care of everything.. its hard enough to go through a miscarriage, but to deal with all of that i cant even imagine!!! id ask my re why they didnt see that in there!! i just dont get it.. anyway. im glad you are thinking of another ivf, and arent going to give up.. we women are so strong!! i know it doesnt compare, but because i was only 6.5 weeks and my hcg numbers never got real high i only expected a period, i didnt expect to see a beigish shrimp like thing.!! i was freaked out.. and disturbed for some time!!! i was told oh dont worry its jsut some tissue.. a nice way of saying the Baby.. because after that my cramps werent bad, and all i did was spot for a few days.. its very scary to pass a pregnancy, especually when you dont expect.. it. !! you are def. in my thougts and prayers, adn i hope your appt. offers some answers :) <3 aimee

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