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Hi Maxine,

This is only my first IVF cycle, so I can't comment from experience. But I have been visiting these boards for quite a while, and I will say that others have posted with spotting/light bleeding around a week after transfer and gone on to get BFPs. It is really too soon to tell if it is implantation bleeding or the begining of AF. I really hope it is not AF!!!! :angel:

Hang in there, it's not over yet. Please let us know how it goes.

Holly :wave:
hi i think it sounds like it might be good!! the ladies are right if it is just spotting on and off it could def. be implanation spotting.. even tho it happens, you shouldnt be getting your period while on the progesterone anyway!! i never bled until after a few days of stopping the progesterone after a failed ivf cycle... my sil didnt have ivf but she started spotting and kept getting negative hpts, then 5 days later had a very light line, well she is now almost 12 weeks pregnant :) that day she started bleeding was just implantation for her.. good luck!

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