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Hi all. I'm new DH and I are trying for # 3. I have PCOs - it took 3 years trying naturally followed by 3 months of clomid at 50mg, then 3 more months at 100mg of get pg with first DS...

Time goes by we're ready for #2 thinking it'll take another 6 rounds of Clomid...nope 1st round of 50 we got lucky and now have DS #2.

Okay so many people out there think - "Wow two kids - you're lucky, they're healthy, stop there!" True I am blessed and they are wonderful and I love them to death. We just want a large family. So we've been trying for # 3 for the last year and a half or so. No luck trying I've taken 2 rounds of 50mg clomid after Provera to start cycle each time, no luck. Followed again by 2 more rounds of Provera and 2 cycles of Clomid at 100mg. Still no luck despite lots of BMS! No ovulation this month either at least according to those stupid OPK's I'm addicted too. (But I did O in the month prior - why does my body do that?)

So I met with my doc yesterday and this is what we've decided...I'm now 35 it's push-come-to-shove time. I'm to start Provera yet again (oh joy!) then I'm to do 150 mg of clomid days 3-7 come in for a U/s around day 10 to look for mature eggs then depending on what they see I'm to get a HCG trigger shot or come back for another u/s then shot....

Okay, I'm a little concerned here! 150mg of Clomid seems like a lot to me (not to mention to my wallet - insurance doesn't cover it). I know that by taking Clomid there is a slight risk 8-10% for multiples. Does that % go up with the increase in mg of clomid? Does my chance for multiples increase with a HCG trigger shot? (I mean true I want a large family but not triplets or higher at one time!) What kind of symptoms can I expect from the HCG? How soon after can I test and not get a false +? Does it usually work the first tme around?

Thanks for your help...I'm just looking for some first-hand knowledge on this.
Baby dust to you!

PS - I'm also on 1000mg of Metformin a day.

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