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Had clomid now iui
May 19, 2007
ladies I have taken my clomid last week and am now ready for my scan on wednesday to check things out then a trigger shot after that then the big iui. What should I be looking for at the scan, to show that everything is getting ready for O and iui, I am not sure about follicles etc etc etc, so any help would be appreciated.

best wishes to you all.
Hi Mariella!
I had my 6th IUI on Mother's Day. When I go for an ultrasound, they check the lining thickness and the size of the follicle(s). Last cycle, my follicle measured 20, which she was very happy with. She gave me the trigger shot, then I had my IUI the next morning. They can also make sure that there aren't any cysts. I hope this helps! Good luck! :)

Hi Mariella - I love your name!!

I did Clomid & IUI this past month. Basically, when you go in for your scan, they will be looking to see how big your follies are, and how thick your uterine lining is (the thickness is caused by the hormones that the growing follies give the lining thickens as the follies grow). Don't be discouraged if your follies are slow growing...I had to keep going back for scans and didn't get a mature follie until Cycle Day 24. Once you have a mature follie (and good lining), then the doctor will most likely have you do a trigger shot. For me, I had to give myself the trigger shot at home (in the stomach...but not as awful as it sounds). Then, 36 hours after the trigger shot, I had the IUI in the doctor's office. It is a very very simple & quick procedure. Kind of like getting a pap smear. They insert a very skinny tube inside you and release the sperm directly into your uterus (so that the spermies don't have to swim all the way up there themselves)!! For me, I couldn't even feel it. Then they had me lay still on the table for 30 minutes...and then I was up & on my way!

Hope this helps!! Good luck!!

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