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Pain in the side
May 24, 2007
Hi girls!!

I need feedback on this.. I got an hsg about 15 months ago. Ever since, I've had cramping/shooting pain in mainly my right side (I'm assuming ovary) sometimes in my left, but not nearly as frequently. It's not constant, but I notice it almost every day. I've asked two drs about it and haven't gotten an answer. The last time I was there, I asked and my dr noted it in case I needed an ultrasound for my IF.

The last few days it's gotten noticably more frequent and sharper pain. It's also in the left side more. I've noticed at times cramping along my lower abdomen when the pain shoots through. I'm on cd 37 and only got faint positive on an opk on cd 11 and a lot of ewcm on cd 11 and 12. No temp spike at all so I'm assuming I didnt ovulate. My dr however, said the bbt isn't a sure science. I don't agree with the dr on that though. Just in case, today I went to the dollar store and got a cheap hpt it was a BFN. i took it at lunchtime though. After the neg hpt I went ahead and started progesterone for the next 7 days to induce af.

I've assumed it was my ovaries trying to work since I've heard some women feel ovulation happen. But that's only when it happens, right? not all the time! the past few days with it getting worse, I'm starting to get a little concerned. I've taken clomid for two of the last three cycles and have started each one with Prog withdrawl. today I've researched ovarian cysts and what I've found doesn't mention the cramping/pain shooting. I also looked up eptopic pregnancies and the symptoms there describe shooting pain. However, it said you should show a pos on an hpt. I know sophiesmamma just had an ectopic pg, that's what caused me to think of it. I'm just so confused!!

I think I've listed all the pertinent info for you ladies to read. I'd SO appreciate feedback!


I also posted this on the ttc forum..

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