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Oh my Kelly, hearing all that makes me realize even more what a miracle it was that you had your DS naturally! Congrats on being able to lose weight... sounds like you did a nice job and I know how hard it can be. I've put on 25 pounds since I started TTC two years ago... I am taking advantage of this 6 week hiatus between my last BFN and stimming for IVF to hopefully lose 10lbs or so. (which you know will come right back on with the stimming for IVF! :rolleyes: )

Luckily I do not have PCOS nor does it appear that I have a problem with ovulation. It just seems so weird that we haven't been able to concieve. I am 30 and DH is 35. After nine months of trying, we went on clomid with timed BD starting 3/06 and did get pregnant in 6/06... turned out to be ectopic and we had to term it on 7/21/06. It was devastating. And there was no explanation for it - just like our trouble conceiving. My tubes were fine, and they are still fine afterwards (that is per a lap&dye pre-tubal and HSG post-tubal). So it's been a year since my ectopic angel and we still have not been able to get pregnant again.

I really hope this IVF cycle wipes away our troubles and we both end up pregnant with babies due next March. The irony is that my ectopic angel was due March 20th of this year... based on my IVF calendar, there is a good chance that if this cycle does work for me I could have another March 20th due date :angel:

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