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Well I am so frustrated right now, I had my scan today to see where I am in regards to having my iui done and guess what? I ovulated yesterday so its too late, according to my dr. I wanted to initially SEE him yesterday but he said, no make it today Tuesday so we missed out.

So another month we will have to wait, if I am not pg this month, which I have doubts about because we haven't been successful for the past 16 months. I almost said to him "I told you so" but held my tongue !!! I am not so confident about this dr but he is the only one in our area to see, and it would be too difficult to travel away with our kids in tow.

He was away on the weekend so maybe thats why he said see him tuesday which really irritates me because now we have to wait one more month, and as I turn 40 tommorrow, time is running out. Anyway, I am just having a rant, but will stop now so I can enjoy my birthday tommorrow!!

My husbands sperm count came back good, with a good count but low motility, so would this mean that iui is a good thing for us to do. Also any suggestions on waking these sperm up so that they get motile!!!! What will make them run!

Best wishes to you all.

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