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Thank you girls, you all are wonderful support. We(DH and I) went to see them yesterday(she and her husband) and she was just shedding tears of joy. She said her dr has said if no sac was seen by the end of the month, they will give her provera to induce af, so on friday she started having serious heartburn and was feeling supper bloated, she called her dr who gave some advice and said yes heartburn and bloating are common, then later that night, it got worse and she called again and they told her to come in the morning for u/s. At the clinic, it happened that she has gulped more progesterone than needed and they told her to stop and that the heartburn and bloating will stop. She is already feeling better. She said the dr was so surprised and was asking where in God's name the baby(sac) has been hiding all these while. Am so happy for her at least, one problem solved.

Kelly thanks, my u/s is on wednesday. Something funny happened this evening when I had my follistim injection. I have a 600iu vail and I have taken two days of 225 for a total of 450 remaining 150 in the vail. So today I dailed 225 to inject the 150 and make up in another vail, pushed the pen and it went all through instead of stucking at 150. I was panicking that I paged the hospital. anyway they called to say, that sometimes, they have more than the 600iu in the vail lol.

Mapia, 13th is alraedy here, wow how time flies. How are you doing and how is DH? I know it must be tough leaving your mom here. Hope you will still visit her after you must have gone.

Amelu, stimming is slowly progressing, I have u/s on wednesday, so far no side effect yet except the bad headache I had this morning.

Princess, did you say drink the water the previous night without having to pee? Am sure I will bed wet lol.

Holly, I don't know if it is true, but a friend of mine told me that drinking decaf green tea for iui helps, though not proven but it doesn't hurt to try.

CBB, by tommorow you will know what you are getting but the follistim pen is not that bad, I even love it more than the lupron, the lupron syringe is so blunt that I have to push and push but the follistim is the sharpest thing I have seen which just glides in without any hassle lol.

Kari, take it easy, thats the irony, af never comes when we want it and when you want it hidden, its the first thing that knocks on your door. I believe it will be here in no time.

Aimee, how is the little muffin in the oven doing. Take care and bake well lol.

Geezzz girls pardon the textbook, I was carried away.


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