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[QUOTE=KJinKy;3032207]Lovely, That would be me in the airport yelling over a spider they really freak me out. I will be starting my Luron in 3 weeks. So sounds like we will only be a week apart. Stimming is when you start your FSH shots like follistim or Bravelle.


sorry Kelly if I am sounding stupid and naive, do u do the stimming before the lupron or the other way round or together? I believe I still have a long way to go. All I know is that I start lupron day 2 of AF, thats it.
WOW! You ladies are making so much progress!! :blob_fire :blob_fire I'm really getting excited for you all.

Some of you were questioning the time of day to stim. My dr had me do lupron in the morning, and I did stims twice a day. I had a shot of lupron with a shot of follistim in the morning and a shot of menopur with a second shot of follistim in the evening (4 inj a day :rolleyes: ). I'm sure each person is different and each dr has different protocols, so it all depends on the schedule your dr puts you on. They will call you after your baseline u/s & b/w and give you exact instructions on how to proceed, so no worries. You will know exactly what you need to do before the time comes to do it. :D

Can't wait to see the board explode w/ healthy bfps!!

Hi Kari and girls!

Kari - thank you for remembering me. :) i went away for the weekend to our vacation place in the mountains and then when i got back i started a new job (with no internet!) so i have been working all day long and when i get home i just jump in the pool and swim, then make dinner, do laundry etc. it's been a busy week! also my dear mother fell down the stairs in her house and landed head first on the stone foyer. so she is pretty busted up right now and i have been stopping by there to see her too. i feel so bad for her. i am just grateful she didn't get hurt more.
i just heard from the doctor's office yesterday reagarding my failed cycle and just as i suspected they had nothing intelligent to say. all they said was i will do lupron at 10 units the whole time instead of dropping the dose which i figured out last cycle for them. and they want me to use follistim next cycle instead of bravelle. which seems stupid because they are all the same. and i have 10 boxes of bravelle sitting in my closet from last cycle when they made me order it for nothing. i am kind of annoyed with them right now. i used follistim before with less than stellar results and it burned so i am not looking forward to using it again. not to mention i donated 24 vials of it to the clinic because i hated it so much. grrrr.:mad:
then the nurse proceeed to tell me i could make an appt for a consultation with the doctor if i wanted or if i knew what i wanted to do i could let her know. so i told her we wanted to start a fresh cycle with the next AF. i wasn't about to wait for another consultation. i will "consult" with the doc when i am at my day 3 u/s - they just don't know i yet:D
now i have lots of catching up to do on the boards and promise i will get back into a routine and post more. i miss everyone so much here!
Kari The lupron shot was no problem. The injection site itched a little afterwards but only for about 5 minutes. DH must have been half asleep because the first time he stuck me and pulled the needle out before injecting the meds so he had to stick me again.:dizzy: But at least it's a small needle he did that once before on the first HCG in the hip with the long needle and that really hurt. He tries really hard not to hurt me though so I appreciate his efferts.

CBB, glad your back. Sorry about your mother hope she will be better soon. Sorry they couldn't tell you more about your failed cycle. I don't understand why they would switch you from Bravelle to Follistim they are the same meds just made by different companies. And since you already had so much left that would save you lots of money. I am using Bravelle this cycle myself. I used it while TTC DS and it worked great then last IUI I used Follistim and I wasn't impressed and like you said it burns. I would discuss that with them and ask them why they are switching. Hope everything works out for you and you get a BFP this cycle you deserve it.

Kari, good luck at your appt this morning. I'm sure those follies are gonna start getting bigger quickly. This is the exciting part! :)

Kelly, glad you got the first shot of lupron under your belt. You're on your way now!!

CBB, I was just thinking about you the other day and regret that I didn't drop you a line. It is really good to hear from you though!! So sorry to hear about your mom. Thank God she didn't get hurt any worse than that. Didn't your dr switch you to bravelle at your request? I don't understand why they would switch you back like that knowing you don't like it? It's definitely worth asking them if you really need to switch back to follistim or not. I liked the follistim, but everybody is different, and if you don't like it, there's no reason you should have to take it when the bravelle does the same thing...AND you already have a good amount of it to use! So, if you are starting a new cycle when AF shows, does that mean you will get AF in begining of July and then start lupron towards the end of July w/ e/r and e/t in August? Don't get scared cuz I know when your AF is due - we were cycle buddies, remember? :p

AimeeM, I'm so sorry you feel so disappointed. I know how much hope we put into these IVF cycles. We can't help but expect our bodies to do what they're supposed to. Try to hang in there though. I remember when I was stimming, I didn't start out with a large number of follies. In fact, my left ovary wasn't producing anything for my first two u/s. Then all of a sudden, there were lots of follies available, and they ended up retrieving 26 eggs from me. Granted only 13 were mature, but 26 eggs means at least 26 follies, and the u/s didn't show anywhere near that amount.

I think that if your dr was truly concerned about the number you were producing, he would've increased your dosage of follistim. Don't you think? Maybe he was just in a quiet mood or having a bad day? Who knows?

Anyway, I do understand your disappointment, but I hope you will hang in there and try to stay positive. You might get a very nice surprise at your next appt. When it is?

Sending you hugs and lots of follie growing dust! :D ****************

Thanks for the care, am doing great, I don't know if it is the Lupron effect or just me been human, I cried the whole of yesterday, my friend who has two girls called me to say that she is two months pregnant and goes on to say "if you don't know how to pray, this is the time to learn it, pray to your God and tell Him to give me a son or else I will be devastated" This is a friend that knew I have been asking God for ten girls and here she is telling me or rather mocking me to pray to God, you see the reason I cried? Anyway, am over it now and I told God to give her a son and also give me children.
How are you doing and how are things coming up for you.

Your lining sounds good and hopefully e/r and e/t proceed smoothly for you. Did u have any side effect from the drugs?

Glad things are heating up for you again. I am currently on Lupron, expecting AF on wednesday to start menopur/follistim on thursday, so even though we are not cycling that close, we are still cycle buddies lol.

I haven't seen you much lately or am I missing it?

Hope everyone is having a LOVELY weekend.

Hi everyone.

Nothing new to report from me. just have my sights set on 7/31 when i can start again. i am kind of bummed because my RE wants to use follistim this time and i hate follistim. it burned so awful last time. and i have 11 boxes of bravelle unopened sitting here that they made me order last time. sometimes i just get so tired of the irresponsible doctors and nurses. they never seem to pay attention. i told them how much i hated follistim and donated 24 vials of it to the clinic and now they want me to buy more. i think this is going to be an angry IVF cycle for me :mad: doctors and nurses had better watch out.

glad everyone is doing ok.
kari - i hope you see AF soon. are you doing IVF right away again?
Holly- i am staying positive for you that maybe clomid is what you need with this IUI. and nothing more. and then BFP!
amelu- good luck with trigger. this is the exciting part now!
lovely - i'll be following right behind you!

gotta run to the cardiologist now for a check up. it's always something!
Hey CBB, I'm so sorry to hear that your RE decided to keep you on the follistim, considering all the factors that would have supported doing bravelle with this IVF. Well just keep in mind the sting will be worth it cause this time you are getting a BFP!!! As for me, still no sign of AF. From what the NP said, the witch should show this Fri (but I won't hold my breath). And yes, we do plan on going back to IVF straight away... based on a fairly recent discovery of extremely poor morphology for DH (4% normal shape), it appears that IVF is really the only way for us to go.

Kavi, how exciting that things are looking so good! Wow, 15 good quality follies, that sounds perfect! I hope it all continues to go very well!

Amelu, I hope the trigger shot last nite went well and the big needle didn't scare DH too much! I'm excited for you hun, and wish you all the best!

Kelly, wow a lining of 17!!! I'm very sure that is possible, and it probably is a very good thing!!! Isn't it amazing how time has flown and here you are getting ready to trigger tonite??? Well good luck and I hope you are doing good / feeling good!!!
CBB, I know what you mean about feeling desperate...I am right there with you. I sure hope this journey comes to a happy ending for the both of us shortly. So, you are stuck taking follistim again this next cycle? I must have missed that. What a bummer. I hope it doesn't burn for you like it did last time. When I used it, I stuck the pen in and then released the meds really really slowly. I never experienced any burning. Maybe you could try that? It will all be worth it when you get that bfp!

Kari, so sorry to hear you just found out DH has poor morphology. I wonder why it wasn't detected before? I am praying your next cycle will go infinitely better & you will be celebrating a bfp at the end of it.

Kelly, it's good to hear DH was able to take some time off work to help you w/ your little one. Wishing you all the best!!!

AimeeS, my dr didn't have me do the PIO shots, so I don't think it is mandatory for all cycles. Maybe it's just mandatory w/ some drs. In any event, at least you know it was worth it in your case!! :)

Just wanted to say hi girls.

Holly- I used the vials of Follistim for my IUI and it burned like you know what. but i think this time they are giving me the pen which really freaks me out. i am not sure i want to use it. but the nurse said the formula in the pen doesn't burn as much. so here's to hoping. it makes me a little nervous because i prefer syringes. oh well, just one more new thing to learn i guess.

Aimee - I am with you with the lumpy butt. i do the PIO daily after transfer and some shots made nasty lumps, others were ok. either way it gets uncomfortable for me after a while. i also used crinone gel twice a day while doing PIO shots. guess the doc wants to cover all the bases.

Kari - will we be cycling close togther? if you get AF this week do you start BCP or do you do something else? i don't take BCP but i wait until cd20 to start lupron.

Good luck to everyone doing e/r and e/t this week. Bring on the bfp's!
CBB, I only used the pen, but my nurse told me the pen had much better results than the vials in terms of patient satisfaction (ease of use/burning). So, I am hoping you will be pleasantly surprised! I liked using the pen - the needles were really small, and I never bruised from a follistim inj like I did w/ the menopur. It looks tricky, but if you follow the video the first time, you will be a pro in no time flat. I really hope it works out that you just didn't like the vials and the pen works much better for you!! You know you're in my thoughts and prayers.

Just a quick note to say hi and that all of you are in my prayers even though i can't post as much anymore. I am still trying to read posts when i can.

My new box of meds will come tuesday (8 prescriptions!). Good grief. when the pharmacy called they said i was getting the gonal-f multi dose. i thought i was getting follistim so i am going to wait and open the box and then call the nurse if i need to. i never used gonal-f multi dose, only the old-school vials so we'll see what this is all about. hmmm........

i am leaving tomorrow to go whitewater rafting in West Virginia for a few days so i'll check in with you all when i get back. Hope all is well.
Am happy the meds will be here soon, so when are u kicking off? Af came yesterday and I had baseline u/s this morning, they called back to say I should stop lupron and start 225 of follistim today and come back wednesday for another u/s. Am just lost with all of this.
Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.

Hello Ladies - I am new, just signed up today after surfing the net about IVF. My husband and I have been trying for over 2 years and I was waiting to switch to his Insurance to off set the costs of IVF. I am 37 and am scared and excited at the same time, it's crazy. I started 300 IU of follistim last night and they saw 7 follicles on my left and 5 on my right at my V-ultrasound. There is so much to learn, I will keep my progress posted on my journey. Anyone have any suggestions on telling/not telling about the friends and family members are ALWAYS asking and I think I should not have shared, because now I feel like it's so personal. Glad to be a part of your family, I still can't believe we are doing something about this instead of talking about it. I am an insulin dependant diabetic...anyone out there like me?:jester:
Hi Chi-Friend! Welcome to the board! You will find incredible support and friendship here, as I'm sure you can already tell if you've read through these threads. Sounds like you are well on your way here with what appears to be your first IVF. I hope this is all it takes, and everything continues to progress smoothly for you! Please do keep us posted!

Lovely, wow - how exciting!!! I didn't realize stimming was here already! It is overwhelming isn't it? The frequency of appointments from here on out is just crazy, and now is when you will really start to get to know the folks in your RE office! I hope it all goes perfectly and I can't wait to hear your updates!

CBB - you'll have to let us know if you get the gonal-F or follistim. I hear they are extremely similar. I think I mentioned to you before, but I really liked the gonal-F pen... very easy to use, nice short / sharp needles and didn't burn me at all. I hope your stims go really good this time around, esp if it the follistim that you have to use again!

Mapia, you are so kind. I am doing okay, still impatiently waiting for AF (ok, do I mention that in like every post these days or what?! :D :D :D hahaha). I have a good feeling about your new RE and I don't suspect he is gonna waste much time with unnecessary testing. If it takes a cycle or two before he can fully get comfortable with your situation, I know it will be all for the best in the long run! You're gonna be a mommy soon now!!! Hope you are having a good weekend! :angel:
Thank you girls, you all are wonderful support. We(DH and I) went to see them yesterday(she and her husband) and she was just shedding tears of joy. She said her dr has said if no sac was seen by the end of the month, they will give her provera to induce af, so on friday she started having serious heartburn and was feeling supper bloated, she called her dr who gave some advice and said yes heartburn and bloating are common, then later that night, it got worse and she called again and they told her to come in the morning for u/s. At the clinic, it happened that she has gulped more progesterone than needed and they told her to stop and that the heartburn and bloating will stop. She is already feeling better. She said the dr was so surprised and was asking where in God's name the baby(sac) has been hiding all these while. Am so happy for her at least, one problem solved.

Kelly thanks, my u/s is on wednesday. Something funny happened this evening when I had my follistim injection. I have a 600iu vail and I have taken two days of 225 for a total of 450 remaining 150 in the vail. So today I dailed 225 to inject the 150 and make up in another vail, pushed the pen and it went all through instead of stucking at 150. I was panicking that I paged the hospital. anyway they called to say, that sometimes, they have more than the 600iu in the vail lol.

Mapia, 13th is alraedy here, wow how time flies. How are you doing and how is DH? I know it must be tough leaving your mom here. Hope you will still visit her after you must have gone.

Amelu, stimming is slowly progressing, I have u/s on wednesday, so far no side effect yet except the bad headache I had this morning.

Princess, did you say drink the water the previous night without having to pee? Am sure I will bed wet lol.

Holly, I don't know if it is true, but a friend of mine told me that drinking decaf green tea for iui helps, though not proven but it doesn't hurt to try.

CBB, by tommorow you will know what you are getting but the follistim pen is not that bad, I even love it more than the lupron, the lupron syringe is so blunt that I have to push and push but the follistim is the sharpest thing I have seen which just glides in without any hassle lol.

Kari, take it easy, thats the irony, af never comes when we want it and when you want it hidden, its the first thing that knocks on your door. I believe it will be here in no time.

Aimee, how is the little muffin in the oven doing. Take care and bake well lol.

Geezzz girls pardon the textbook, I was carried away.

CBB, welcome back from your trip! Glad you are safe. :) Lupron in just 1 week!! Holy cow!! I know keep saying it, but time is really flying!! Before you know it, you'll be back in the swing of things, and your bfp will be just around the corner. I'm so excited for you!!

Gina, hope your first lupron inj went smoothly. You're on your way!!!

Lovely, thanks for the suggestion about the green tea. I'll need to check that out. I had the same thing happen to me w/ my follistim. One of the vials had more med in it than it was labeled. Finally, something for nothing! :D Glad you are doing well w/ stimming. I look forward to reading about your u/s.

Go Summer IVF Girls!!!!

Hi girls!
A few of you were wondering along with me which meds i would get today - follistim or gonal-f? well, it was gonal-f multi-dose. which is fine with me. it is with a syringe which i like and the last time i used gonal-f i had to reconstitute many vials each night. now with the multi-dose it should be easier. and check this out, last IVF cycle i had to take doxycycline for 10 days; this time they sent it as liquid for my IV instead. rock on! so now i just sit and wait for one more week before the torture begins. ;)

Princess I am praying right along with you. i am so tired of all this IF stuff, I just want it to be over with a nice healthy bfp. May this be our month!

Gina - how did it go with the Lupron?

Lovely - I would have panicked too! IF already makes me think i am losing my mind without having to worry extra about doses and vials and syringes on top of it. glad it worked out ok. How many days have you been stimming?

Holly - how's it going?

Hi Ruby! What's new?

Kari - any sign of AF yet? Hurry up girl so we can cycle close together!

Mapia - There's only one more week left in July and then it's August and time for you to get to steppin' to Greece!

Talk to you all soon!
Hi Girls~

Took the Lupron last night, that was a breeze. The needle is so tiny like the follistim or Gonal F pen. My stims are bravelle and menopor, so I'll have to mix the vials, it looks confusing but I'm sure it will go fine.

I take doxycycline, tablet form for 6 days - not sure when. And was ordered Medrol, and PIO. They came with tons of needles, my DH freaked out until I explained that most of them are for drawing up the solutions. Boys can be so dumb!

Take Care - Loads of baby dust
Kari dear, thanks for asking, I did have the u/s today and they said there are 10 ok sized follicles now and another 4 that may catch up then lots of tiny ones. They called and said I should reduce follistim from 225 to 150 and take one menopur. Wow that menopur is a witch, it hurt so much that my eyes were almost poping. One quick question for those who used the menopur, which needle is the best? the tiny one, the middle or the large horse needle lol. I felt it hurt so much because I used the small one. Any help and tip on how to handle it will be appreciated. And oh I will be going in for another u/s on saturday.

How is everybody doing.

Lovely, I used menopur, and it was my least favorite as well. It made me bleed and bruise practically every time I used it. I loved the follistim so much more!! Anyway, you are definitely supposed to use the small needle - I was confused my very first dose because it came w/ the large needles, and I was terrified I was gonna have to use that one. My nurse said definitely use the small ones, the large ones are only for mixing and should not be injected into the belly. Are you sticking yourself quickly or slowly? I always had better luck going in fast. I also had better luck using the skin closest to my belly button rather than over on the sides because there was more extra skin and, I think, more cushion...

I hope some of that helps you. If the medicine burns going in, I also found that the slower I depressed the plunger, the less it burned. Hang in there sweetie. You'll be done stimming before you know it!! :angel:

Lovely, I am sorry the meds are burning, maybe ice the area before hand.
I had follistim and repronex (which I mixed into 1 syringe) so the burning wasn't so bad. I hope you feel better and your follies grow :) AimeeM
I just felt wonderful after reading all your posts and tips, thanks and thanks. I will try the icing this evening even though I always forget about it when am ready for it. Holly thanks, maybe it burns because I go in slowly, it takes me almost 1 minute to push the syringe in. So far my best has been follistim, no hassle toy-like syringe that I see as a staples pen lol. Yesterday when I was giving the menopur, the hardest part was depressing the plunger, I had my mouth shaped like an O and was blowing all through laugh laugh.
Anyway thank you girls, you really help me go through each stage of this dreadful journey.


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