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hey amelu welcome to the boards. my drs are baffled why im not pregnant yet. our issues are male factor so we are doing ivf with icsi, i am only 25 so they are confused as to why after 3 ivfs i dont have a baby yet.. yea i feel like every person i work with is pregnant, my 2 best friends babies were unplanned, my brother met his now wife and got her pregnant the first time the "baby danced" and my sister in law stopped the pill in december, and in march i got my BFP after a frozen on a thursday and friday she got her bfp from an hpt. well she is now 13 1/2 weeks, and i miscarried. im so happy for them, and i am there for her, and i wont neglect her because she is there for me and her sister who has IF issues but i still cry when i think about it. i was about a week further along then her, because my re doesnt do betas until 14 days post transfer whether its 3 or 5 days, and i did a 5 day transfer, and her test was positive before she missed AF. anyway, we have eachother!! and i hope we all move to the pregnancy boards real soon together, and we can take them over, hahaha :) :blob_fire <3 aimee s
Chic-Friend how is things going for you with fertilization? When is your Transfer?

Lovely it sounds like you are doing great. Sorry you are having to go to the RE everyday but it won't be long now. Good luck.

CBB sounds like it won't be long for you now seems like time flys after starting the Lupron.

I am HAVING A HARD TIME NOT DOING AN hpt I am so anxious and still have 4 days to go before BETA. So far I don't have any signs at all. Although I kind of feel like I may be getting a few cramps but really light.

Good luck to all of you.


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