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Hey Gals!!! I am back!!! The cable guy was here until almost 7pm last nite :rolleyes: , but the good news is internet is running again - YAY! :cool: So, I've been trying to catch up on everything.

Aimee, I am so sorry for the loss of your friend... I can't imagine what the family is feeling and I will say a prayer they have the strength to get through this difficult time and reflect on the life that was, keeping her memory strong. .... I can't believe you are stimming tonite! That is fantastic and I am really looking forward to hearing how all of your scans go. I think you said the repronex stings and not the gonal-F, so hopefully your shot(s) tonite won't be too bad for you!

Kelly, glad you got the box of meds as planned! And that is so funny that it was just as big as your birthday party box for little Tyler's birthday... btw, his party sounds like it must have been fun - I loved the pinata parties when I was a kid!

Lovely, so you and Kel are gonna be starting lupron together on the 27th??? That will be exciting to have someone on the same schedule!

Holly, thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words. I sure do hope first time is the charm for me. :angel:

Mapia, I really hope you get to Greece before BF's little girl is born. I know how much that would mean to you if you could be there for the baptism... And I can't wait to hear about your reunion with godson!!!

Well today is the last bcp for me! :) Aimee, I hope that AF shows by Tues, just like she did for you. Either way, I continue the lupron and my RE has me scheduled for u/s on Thurs... hope all the suppression has worked!
Hey guys! Hope everyone had a nice fathers day. My in-laws were in town and we went out for a tasty dinner at PFChangs and ate way too much. I figure I'm gonna eat pretty healthy once I start stimming so I'm enjoying the tastey stuff now! ;) BTW - anyone know about proper diet while taking the heavy dose of stims for IVF? It just seems that I would want to lay off complex carbs or anything else that might make me really full or bloated... I wouldn't want to confuse my food intake with hyperstimulation!

Aimee... You have a scan tomorrow to check how the stimming is going, right??!!?! Sending you lots of well wishes that everything is looking as good as can be expected! Please give us the update as soon as you can!!!

Lovely, those were good questions and i'm glad you asked cause I also wondered! My meds box contains progest. suppos. and I have been curious how they are to be inserted. :confused: As for the baseline u/s, I am very curious to see how AF presents herself this cycle after the bcp and lupron. Since the D&C following my ectopic last summer, AF visits have been incredibly quiet.... very light and usually no more than 2 days. So the few day 3 u/s's that I've had were prob easy on my RE, LOL :) .

Kelly, I would call your office and confirm what meds you are to bring with you. On my "training" appt, they only wanted me to bring lupron, which I found weird. Guess at my appt on Thurs. they will give me instructions on stimming, since I never used gonal F nor repronex before! I start gonal F on Friday if all goes per my calendar. I'm getting really excited... still not nervous! Hey, do you live anywhere near Louisville??? DH is a huge baseball fan, and sounds like Louisville is in the college world series and they are doing pretty good. :)

CBB, hope the call comes tomorrow so you can confirm that you are all on the same page with respect to your next cycle. It's always a weight off, just knowing what to expect and when!
hey mapia it sounds like it will be a really nice move!!! the riht thing for you and dh :) im sure the 7.5 weeks will be here before you know it. and then definitly "sonner" then later you and dh will be holding your new baby.. sometimes we all need a little change and then God has big changes for us!! the good thing is no matter how far any of us go we can still get to eachother!!! i think its great how many ladies from all different areas we have on this board!!!! :blob_fire

AimeeM and KJINKY im so excited you 2 are starting so sooon. one you start lupron things kinda fly by i think. especially if you are on BCP with it, because your period will come SOON after you stop BCP, my first ivf i didnt take BCP and it took a little longer for AF to start when i started the lupron. anyway!!
i was told you may get a very light period with lupron, or it might be normal flow, so i really wouldnt worry about the cycle being canceled! :D i think everyhting should work out and be fine. any sign of spotting or anything once you stop BCP, i would call and say you have AF. because it can be lighter!
i agree with Kari that the mock transfer isnt painful, its fast, but if you have a difficult or curvy cervix it can take a little longer, the only "painful" part is having a full bladder, and having then poke around. its just to see how far into the uterus etc etc. to go on the day of actual transfer.. oh and i wish i was on bravelle with little needles!! the only little needles i get to take are lupron and gonal f, my repronex is intra-muscular. 1 1/2 inches right in the booty ;P then after that the pio go in the same spot. and about putting 3 embryos back, i did that my first ivf, i was nervous about triplets, but more nervous about not getting pregnant. my re explained it raises my chance for a pregnancy, but my chances of triplets were about 5%, so i took the risk. if you have really great embryos tho, will your dr do a 5-day tranfer?? my re never puts back more then 2 if its a blast. anyway, good luck everyone and i will let you all know how my appt went!! :p Aimee s
Oh my, Lovely, I knew that your chart had been mixed up with another patient of similar name, but I guess I didn't realize it threw off the start of your lupron till July... sorry I missed that! :dizzy: :)

Amelu, that stinks there was some pain with the mock transer... I'm sure it didn't help that it was the end of the week, prob when you are most tense or tired from the preceeding week. I've been told that I will get a low dose of vicadin before my transfer to ensure relaxation. Supposedly it's not always felt, but the uterus responds to the low dose and that is where they want you the most relaxed! Maybe you'll have something similar?

So the NP left a message on my cell while I was out for my walk about my b/w from this morning. She said that I am to increase gonal-F tonite from 225to 300 but keep the repronex at 75iu in the morning. They also said they need me to come back for more b/w early tomorrow morning! :confused: :confused: :confused: I was not scheduled to come back till Tues when I'd have b/w and u/s. Hope all is okay... she did not mention my estradiol level and I was disappointed about that. This prob sounds crazy, but when I do these injections I fear for some reason that the medicine isn't getting into my body... I don't know if it's cause I'm used to taking pills and I can't physically see the medicine getting in me... I'm prob just being weird. Maybe when I start feeling bloated or tired I'll realize just how much med I'm really putting in me! Hopefully when I go in tomorrow morning they'll say everything looks good... I'm just so confused, and a bit scared, why they want more b/w done so soon!!! :confused:
hey girls. sorry im just catching up with all the posts that i missed this weekend. i was super busy, bbq after bbq, lol :) my godsons 2nd bday party sat, and my s-i-l boyfriend just graduated from college, so that bbq was sunday! kari i hope everything is ok at your appt!!! please let us know as soon as you do, and ~about the repronex~ i do them intra-muscular my only sub-q shots are lupron and gonal f pen, the rest are the REALLY long needles in the hip/butt!!

mapia so sorry to here about your sunburn!!!:dizzy:

aimeem, so exciting you just started lupron :) before you know it you will be having your e/r ! i cant believe dh forgot the meds, i hope it didnt hurt to bad. my dh is scared to death of the tiniest airbubble in the needle! i try to tell him its not too big of a deal as long as its not going into a vein, but he is scared!!

kjinky, wow only 6 more days, that will be here so soon. i bet your real happy to stop taking those :P and lovely im so sorry you have to wait longer to start your meds, that really stinks!! but i hope its hear before you know it.

Ok today i went for u/s and blood work i dont know how many follies, but lots were mature, and my lining was about 14.5. I got the call a little while ago to trigger 10,000 iu hcg tonite and start doxycyline at 7:15pm and e/r will be 7am wed. morning. i have to be there at 6:30am though! i hope tomorrow doesnt drag on. i prob will be sleeping all day, so if i dont post wednesday i will let you know how it goes by thurs morning!!!
Kelly, I know just what you are talking about... my gonal-F shot was easier because the needle is so darn sharp! At least the lupron needle is really short... that's the one good thing going for it.

CBB, I'm with you on the wait for AF. The NP told us that we are just supposed to wait for AF and then call when she shows. I have NO idea when that will be... they said maybe 2-3 weeks from my last lupron shot which was Friday. Sounds like they need to do an u/s to make sure all the follies died away before they will put me back on bcp. More waiting game. :rolleyes: Well sounds like your AF should be here any moment. I hope she doesn't extend the wait for you, that would be just plain rude!!!

Amelu, I just saw your post. Glad the b/w came back good. I'm looking forward to hearing about your u/s tomorrow. As for the spotting while on stims, I never really had that (well one time while on clomid, but that's a different ballgame). I'm sure it's fine, but I'd check with your RE for certain.
CBB, you know I was SO nervous when I had to use the pen for gonal-F, and then it turned out to be soooo much better than the syringe! I hope the same goes for you! And there is still a pretty good chance we will be cycling close together (pending AF's arrival). I believe I would start bcp right away and hopefully only for 21 days and then start lupron a day or two before last bcp. Guess we won't know much till my day 3 u/s.

Holly, the reason we only recently found out about DH's poor morph is b/c we had been seeing (wasting time) w/ my obgyn for over a year (b/c of no insur). He did a SA on DH in 2/06 and simply looked under a scope and told us literally 2 minutes later all was good. My RE, who I started seeing in early April, confirmed that DH's count was excellent (like 40mil post wash before an IUI w/ him), but noted the poor morph after the full lab analysis. Frustrating cause we wouldn't have wasted so much on the medicated IUI and BD cycles had we known this 14 months earlier.:mad: Enough of that, how are you??? I need to go see where you've talked about how things are with you. I think you have an u/s on Mon to see your response to the clomid right?
Hi girls!
A few of you were wondering along with me which meds i would get today - follistim or gonal-f? well, it was gonal-f multi-dose. which is fine with me. it is with a syringe which i like and the last time i used gonal-f i had to reconstitute many vials each night. now with the multi-dose it should be easier. and check this out, last IVF cycle i had to take doxycycline for 10 days; this time they sent it as liquid for my IV instead. rock on! so now i just sit and wait for one more week before the torture begins. ;)

Princess I am praying right along with you. i am so tired of all this IF stuff, I just want it to be over with a nice healthy bfp. May this be our month!

Gina - how did it go with the Lupron?

Lovely - I would have panicked too! IF already makes me think i am losing my mind without having to worry extra about doses and vials and syringes on top of it. glad it worked out ok. How many days have you been stimming?

Holly - how's it going?

Hi Ruby! What's new?

Kari - any sign of AF yet? Hurry up girl so we can cycle close together!

Mapia - There's only one more week left in July and then it's August and time for you to get to steppin' to Greece!

Talk to you all soon!
Gina, that is great news - sounds like you had no trouble with the lupron at all! I hope the ease continues thru the cycle!

CBB - I am so happy to hear that it is gonal-F that you got! And great surprise on the doxycycline as well! Things are looking very positive for you this time around!!! As for our chances of cycling together, I can promise that it is not going to happen. My intuition tells me that AF is not gonna be here anytime soon, and I know I still have a few weeks of bcp before starting the lupron once she does finally show. But I will cheer for you just as hard so don't worry about that!!!

Lovely, I hope all is still going very well with you. Did you have an u/s today? If so, would love to hear how it went.

Mapia, how are you doing? Aug. 27th, I promise I will remember that day and be thinking of you. Hopefully you will be on-line by that time so that we can all support you before you go in for your first appt. I know your new RE is gonna bring a miracle for you!

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