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Lovely, My RE just asked and I told them I had one last July and everything was normal. Hope everything is progressing good for you. I missed my BCP yesterday and the took it first thing this morning and it caused a little spotting but it stopped after a few hours. I will have to make sure I remember from now on.

hey mapia it sounds like it will be a really nice move!!! the riht thing for you and dh :) im sure the 7.5 weeks will be here before you know it. and then definitly "sonner" then later you and dh will be holding your new baby.. sometimes we all need a little change and then God has big changes for us!! the good thing is no matter how far any of us go we can still get to eachother!!! i think its great how many ladies from all different areas we have on this board!!!! :blob_fire

AimeeM and KJINKY im so excited you 2 are starting so sooon. one you start lupron things kinda fly by i think. especially if you are on BCP with it, because your period will come SOON after you stop BCP, my first ivf i didnt take BCP and it took a little longer for AF to start when i started the lupron. anyway!!
i was told you may get a very light period with lupron, or it might be normal flow, so i really wouldnt worry about the cycle being canceled! :D i think everyhting should work out and be fine. any sign of spotting or anything once you stop BCP, i would call and say you have AF. because it can be lighter!
i agree with Kari that the mock transfer isnt painful, its fast, but if you have a difficult or curvy cervix it can take a little longer, the only "painful" part is having a full bladder, and having then poke around. its just to see how far into the uterus etc etc. to go on the day of actual transfer.. oh and i wish i was on bravelle with little needles!! the only little needles i get to take are lupron and gonal f, my repronex is intra-muscular. 1 1/2 inches right in the booty ;P then after that the pio go in the same spot. and about putting 3 embryos back, i did that my first ivf, i was nervous about triplets, but more nervous about not getting pregnant. my re explained it raises my chance for a pregnancy, but my chances of triplets were about 5%, so i took the risk. if you have really great embryos tho, will your dr do a 5-day tranfer?? my re never puts back more then 2 if its a blast. anyway, good luck everyone and i will let you all know how my appt went!! :p Aimee s
Kari I'm sure everything is probably fine. I'll be thinking of you and check in tomorrow to see how it goes. Sorry that your am shot hurts. Hopefully it will get a little better.

I am really tired after my sons B-day party but I wanted to check in on everyone. We really had a good time with all of our family about 25 people. Tyler got so many toys it took me 2 hours to open them all when we got home from the park. They just don't mean for people to get into some of those toys.

I was a couple hours late with my BCP yesterday and guess what have been spotting all day. wow those things are time sensitive. Hope it stops soon only 6 more days to go with BCP's.

Lovely sorry you have to wait longer to start meds. Hopefully the time will fly by.

Amelu hope everything goes well with your lupron tomorrow.Sorry that your mock transfer was painful. Hopefully the real thing won't be so bad.

Kari glad to hear that all is going okay. I've been thinking about you all day and praying everthing was okay.

The pinata went great. The kids really enjoyed it. It was ready hard to break open though. There was 7 kids all together and all but 2 were 5 and under so after the little ones hit it several times I let the 2 older ones have at it and like to have never got it to open.

I have to be sure to take that BCP right on time or spotting starts I don't think I will have to worry about AF either. If I start spotting the day I stop the BCP will that be considered the first day of my AF? A silly question but I wasn't sure.

Kari glad everything went okay at the RE and glad that they are monitoring closely with all those follies. Better safe than sorry as the old saying goes. Sorry you have to go again tomorrow but at least you get to see how all those follies are coming along. I will be doing my Lupron around 9pm tonight. My RE said to do them in the evening. My DH gets up for work at 9pm so I let him do my injections after he gets up. I'm sure with that tiny needle they won't be that bad. I'll let you know how it goes.

Amelu glad you thake your last BCP tomorrow I am counting the days for that myself Saturday will be my last one finally. They make me so fatiqued and all this spotting is a headache.

Chicagofriend- I am so sorry to hear this! I hope you find the strength to try again. Maybe it is like you said... they just weren't ready to make their debut.

Tammy11- no I hadn't thought about starting a 2ww thread. I am feeling so fortunate after seeing your test day! I only have 1 week to go. Although it is still plenty of time to make my crazy! I'm already headed there too as I think I had implantatin spotting Sun night.

I had my progesterone test yeasterday and ended up not being able to take the call but the nurse left a message saying all was fine and to keep on doin' what we are doing. so I was happy to hear that!


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