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hey mapia it sounds like it will be a really nice move!!! the riht thing for you and dh :) im sure the 7.5 weeks will be here before you know it. and then definitly "sonner" then later you and dh will be holding your new baby.. sometimes we all need a little change and then God has big changes for us!! the good thing is no matter how far any of us go we can still get to eachother!!! i think its great how many ladies from all different areas we have on this board!!!! :blob_fire

AimeeM and KJINKY im so excited you 2 are starting so sooon. one you start lupron things kinda fly by i think. especially if you are on BCP with it, because your period will come SOON after you stop BCP, my first ivf i didnt take BCP and it took a little longer for AF to start when i started the lupron. anyway!!
i was told you may get a very light period with lupron, or it might be normal flow, so i really wouldnt worry about the cycle being canceled! :D i think everyhting should work out and be fine. any sign of spotting or anything once you stop BCP, i would call and say you have AF. because it can be lighter!
i agree with Kari that the mock transfer isnt painful, its fast, but if you have a difficult or curvy cervix it can take a little longer, the only "painful" part is having a full bladder, and having then poke around. its just to see how far into the uterus etc etc. to go on the day of actual transfer.. oh and i wish i was on bravelle with little needles!! the only little needles i get to take are lupron and gonal f, my repronex is intra-muscular. 1 1/2 inches right in the booty ;P then after that the pio go in the same spot. and about putting 3 embryos back, i did that my first ivf, i was nervous about triplets, but more nervous about not getting pregnant. my re explained it raises my chance for a pregnancy, but my chances of triplets were about 5%, so i took the risk. if you have really great embryos tho, will your dr do a 5-day tranfer?? my re never puts back more then 2 if its a blast. anyway, good luck everyone and i will let you all know how my appt went!! :p Aimee s

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