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Hi all,

I am so disappointed for CBB, I missed the news yesterday because of the time and I thought and evening and morning that I would be joining a celebratory board this morning. And I can't see Kath's 2nd beta anywhere, did anyone know what happened?

Amy -Amsterdam was a ball :) despite a pregnant friend and a metformin friend, we went eating,sightseeing on the canals and dancing the night away. I loved it. The only down side was that they both hurried off on Sunday to get back to the UK for their babies and I stayed all afternoon and took a later flight - making the most of my freedom but at the same time it made me really sad that I didn't have a baby to rush home for...

Kathy, so good to hear you are here as well! I truly hope this IUI is the one for you.

Kari, thanks - i have acupuncture this afternoon and said to DH this morning "do you think she can just guide the egg and sperm together and MAKE them stick with her magic needles?" He said she should for the price she charges......horrible man! I am so looking forward to it as I haven't been since before the lap & dye and I have been feeling a little out-of-sorts and I know this will make me feel great.

Ruby, hi how are you doing? How is the clomid? I am so interested as I go for mine in 3 sister said she felt so sad all the time she took it, liek a big old tablet of sad hormones, but I think everyone is different? 12 days of BD???? DH would faint if I told him that :) :) Actually we were talking this morning and when I take clomid and then go for the shot it falls at the weekend we were next planning on taking a trip to Europe. Do you think it would be bad to fly?

Ok, enough for now!! sorry, long post.....


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