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I had a radical trachelectomy w/ a pelvic lymphondectomy 5 years ago and a partial vulvectomy 2 years ago. After 4 years of waiting we decidied to try for pregnancy our 1st. I was diagnosed at 31 yoa. We determined I was ovulationg and the DR. went for an IUI - we did 4 that didn't take.Te DR then did the dye test but it was unsuccesful due to the condition of what was left of my cervix. SO we did the test under anasthesia with the camera in the abdomen - Pictures show both tubes being blocked the left at the top and quite frankly I have no feeling on that side. The right side the blockage is in the middle. It looks like stuffed sausage. I have feeling on this side during ovulation. Becasue of my cancer and treatment I can not find a DR willing to go any further with me. So I rely on God's miracle, and learning as much as I can about self help. I am planning to start a body cleanse at the end of the month - does any one have any suggestions on increasing my odds of unblocking the right tube and getting pregnant?

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