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Ivana--CONGRATS:) you are pregnant.........
here is what I found:
hCG Levels in Early Pregnancy
Days Post Ovulation/Retrieval Weeks/Days LMP/Average Singleton HCG Level

DPO-10 LMP--3w3d HCG--25
DPO-12 LMP--3w5d HCG--50
DPO-14 LMP--4w0d HCG--100
DPO-16 LMP--4w2d HCG--200

So your number is fine.....remember its an average:).......I know you don't want to get too excited because its still early.........but sometimes all this knowledge backfires on us........think about if you were ignorant to all the IF would be jumping for joy and probably not question a thing :)

Every situation is unique so be happy, be positive you are pregnant :D AimeeM

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