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Hi All,

I've been on clomid for three cycles and have only gotten a positive OPK with one cycle. I wasn't bbt that cycle. I have since started to again. I have not gotten a positive opk in the last two clomid cycles (I've only gotten a very faint line on the opks. If I understand correctly, the lines both have to be dark to have detected a surge, am I correct? ) I have also not had a temp. spike to indicate I did in fact ovulate.

My obgyn said the bbt isn't a for sure science (I'm in the understanding it's just how it works. Also, when I take Prog to start my period, I notice on my charts my bbt is in fact higher), and also said a faint line means the test detected an lh surge. I thought pregnancy tests were the only ones where a faint line meant positive. My Dh and I were talking about this earlier and he's convinced the dr's right about the bbt and opk.

My dilema right now is this: if I dont' ovulate on clomid, I can't do IUI with this dr. I've only got one more month to try before my next appointment. The dr also said she can't give me a higher dose of clomid, as she just upped my dose to 150mg.

My question for you ladies is this: Have ANY of you gotten a positive opk, or have for sure ovulated and not gotten the temp spike from bbt? :confused: :confused: :confused:

I'd really love your feedback on this. Our next step is an re and I simply don't know how we'll afford the cost.

Thanks and baby dust to all!!!:blob_fire :blob_fire

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