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Hi Amy

The tiredness is perfectly normal though I dare say the heparin shots are adding to it. So much is happening inside you right now it is only to be expected. Your baby is probably draining a lot of your energy from you while it is forming but by twelve weeks the baby is nearly fully formed and will spend the next six months just growing so you should feel a bit more energised then.
Thanks for the advice about not stopping the BDing too early. I think DH and I do sometimes as we just get worn out - haha! We will do it every other day this month since it worked for you. I really don't think it is necessary to do it every day.

Thanks for your support! How was your weekend away? I hope you had a good break.

I am lucky to be getting straight into a new cycle aren't I? I hadn't thought of it before. My RE is very pro-active and if I could afford to see him more often then things would be progressing a lot more quickly. I think at this stage he is quite happy for me to remain on the clomid while I continue to procrastinate about the HSG and lap.
How are you doing today? Hope the spotting has stopped now. I have been thinking about you and hoping that it hasn't gotten heavier again. I will go and read some more threads and catch up on the latest news.

Love to everyone!


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