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Hi Ladies,
Hope everyone is doing well ... I have been on Lupron for two weeks now and just started my Gonal F injections yesterday. I will be going for routine blood work and ultrasounds every two to five days until my eggs are muture enough to give the Ovidrel and then schedule an IUI. I had two questions: is there anything else we can do to improve our chances of conceiving? and has anyone has had success with the same treatment? I am down to my last options, the one in which I am doing now and IVF. After that there is surrogacy but that gets very complicated in Canadian laws ... oh well, I will think about that if the time comes.
Take Care and have a great day:wave: :wave:
Hi Cris,
I just wanted to wish you good luck!

I have a success story, but not with Gonal F. My first IUI was with Gonal and I responded very well to it (6 follies), but nothing happened.

I got pregnant with second IUI and Follistim (which is the same thing but different brand as far as I understand), found out a week ago :)

About anything else you can do to boost your chances, I guess that depends on the cause of your infertility. Mine was unexplained, so besides the IUI I tried to have a healthy life, started to drink green tea (I stopped now because I read is not good for the baby) and hubby took a special blend of vitamins based on zinc, vit C and A.

Hi Ivana,
CONGRATULATIONS ON THE GREAT NEWS .... HEY! I wish you all the best. I too have unexplained infertility, hopefully this will work for me too.
Take Care

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