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Oh Mariella that was so sweet of you...ladies thanks for chiming in.

Well my b/w got LOSt GRRRRRRRRR. By the time they realised and called me back it was 2pm so had to draw blood again but they close at 4 so didn t get my results ready. Have to wait till tomorrow.
My thyroidtests and prog where also lost.........

Something that put my mind at rest was a darker HPT....but i am 12dpo today so its still not so dark.

Spoke to my heamo who posponed the heparin until tomorrow when my 2nd beta is out. He assured me that this does not cross the placenta as it is low molecular and a very expensive form. However my platelets are rather high so i might also need to take injection to lower them down. This is the safest drug for pregnancy.
Contacted the best Gynea on the island really hope that he accepts me........waiting for his call.

Feel i m in a kind of moment i think i should be happy . If sometyhing happens it won t make me feel any better just because i didn t celebrate. I feel i am missing out on happy moments just becuase i am so scared.

Thanks for letting me vent here.

Mariella really hope taht your IUI will result in your much awaited BFP. Glad that it all went smoothly.

ALM....hold on a few more days to go.

Mapia thanks for your constant support...looking forward to having you around in my must be looking forward to youe next IUI . are you? Did you have any news yet?

Thanks ladies are amazing and i don t know how i d go through all this without you.


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