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Hi Holly,
Thanks for your reply. It is very hard for me right now. It seems that everyone around me at the time of the various cycles, were getting pregnant, right now they all have new born babies. It was so hard having to go to baby-showers and to visit the new babies. Something my husband couldn't understand why I didn't want to attend. Basically the first year I spent on diagnostic tests. The first specialist I attended was very knowlegdeable, however the people working for the physician did not have any empathy. I basically started going through the first cycle and recieved a call stating you have to stop all medication. Second attempt, I just recieved a call you're not pregnant, call us when you get you're period. The worst came when I returned for another cycle and the office put me on a fresh cycle instead of the frozen cycle. I called the nurs practitioner asked, why I was taking Follistin injections, (which I believe is for the ovaries to produce more eggs) when I had frozen embryos stored. Their response was (message left on my machine). You need to stop all medication. You will recieve a list of Infertility specialists your insurance covers and good luck.

The reason we can't get pregnant is because my husband has a medical condition which causes low sperm count and low mobility. Currently I'm taking Lupron injections and preparing to go through a frozen cycle. I had to stop previous cycle due to the fact that, the uterine wall was too thin and I started bleeding a week before the transfer date.

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