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Re: 2ww
Jul 5, 2007
hey princess thanks for your support!! and leslie good luck, i hope you get a BFP so you dont have to go through infertility treatments such as iui and injections!!! anyway, anyone having any really early symptoms?
since yesterday morning ive had period like cramps, but i know this does not mean i am getting my period! :bouncing: and just very tired (i am on progersterone in oil 2x a day, and progesterone capsules 3x a day!) my breasts have been tender since before my egg retrieval.. but thats about it, im 8dpo ovulation today, 5 days post 3 day transfer.

after work tomorrow i have to do a lot of shopping for a bbq im having saturday, so those 2 days should keep me busy, and if the weather is nice me and my bff plan a beach trip sunday. so that will keep me busy until about monday. i am on a computer all day, so i pretty much have a lot of time to sit here and analyze any feeling i have in my body, haha!! so i will just have to pray that the work keeps coming so i dont think about it. i am not taking an HPT! my first 2ivfs i did and it just made me miserable even before beta day. and the 3rd ivf (frozen cycle) i didnt, and i felt much better the whole time. and i learned from that ivf that a positive hpt doesnt really mean anything, when i first heard the nurse say congrats im pregnant and told me my beta was 32 (i was more nervous then i ever imagined i would be after a positive pregnancy test) and as most of you know that positive test didnt last long. i mean if you are gonna take an hpt, and its positive, thats great!! you are prengnant!! but for me, i just think its better to wait. the miscarriage made me much more cautious about getting excited i guess.. <3 aimee

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