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Re: IUI appts
Jul 24, 2007
salut!! Holly, you must try to post tomorrw....I don't know if I can wait until Thursday to read :D :D Just kidding, cherie, take the time you need. :) Um, here is a 'bad influence' suggestion, perhaps you could post before you start catching up with work! :D:D Hahahaha, I'm so bad, but really fo course, take all the time you need, and Imean that. :angel: Ill be thinking and praying for you, cherie!

Mapia, ma petite chou-chou, you must get some rest!! Drink lots of vitamin C, drink soup (or do we say eat soup? ) sleep a lot, and watch children's shows. That last one sounds weird, but I swear, when sick, you don't want to think about anything. :D Anyway, I hope you still manage to have a lovely anniversary, cherie!

*******baby dust*******
Re: IUI appts
Jul 25, 2007
Ma pauvre belle. Tonight, if possible, do not htink about it. There are really good movies out lately, why don't you and BF take in a show? I know it's a work night, but break the rules. Go out, have a movie, get Chinese food and get home and sit around in your sweats and worry about dishes tomorrow.

This IF is the most draining situation... we have to keep fighting, always put on a brave face, even when all we want to do is throw our hands up in the air and cry. And a move to NJ will no doubt be exhausting, but if that's what it takes, cherie, I know you'll do it ;) Maybe just give yourself time for now. Bien sur, you do not want to be overwhelmed. :angel:

I know you're tired cherie, but I also know that you're a fighter, as tough as they come. Possibly even tougher. Just rest, take a night on your own, or with BF, and don't mention babies, if possible. watch tv, go see a movie, eat take out and dont clean up until tomorrow! :D

We're here for you cherie. Wishing I could be more help,

Re: IUI appts
Jul 30, 2007
Hi Holly, I've been away for a few days, so have just been catching up. So glad it all went ok for you. That was one huge follie! Kari's dance must have helped! Great idea to take the day off work. I'll be lazing around for the rest of the day after mine too. We're really close now - just 2 days apart. I had my u/s today and I also have just one follie (21mm). I'm doing my HCG trigger at 4am (hopefully I'll wake up!) then IUI Wed afternoon. Welcome to your 2ww - I'll be joining you very soon. Sending lots of positivity & prayers,
Lizzie x

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