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Re: Iui???
Jul 25, 2007
Hi Brownie,

It may be slightly different here in the UK, but here goes-
You have an ultrasound on day 2, 3 or 4 (possibly later) to make sure everything is ok and normal, and about the same time you will start injections of a suppressant (I use 'Suprefact'). This is done daily, then from around day 7 (this may vary) you also start having FSH injections (eg. Menopur). When you have the first u/s they will probably take bloods too, to check on LH/ FSH levels.

At around day 12 you will go for another u/s, where they will measure the lining of the uterus and the size and number of follicles. Ideally the lining should be around 10mm, and the follies should be 18 - 20mm. There should be a maximum of 3 follies (sometimes 2) to avoid the risk of multiples.

If everything is as it should be, you will then have the HCG injection to induce ovulation. The IUI treatment will be around 36 hours later. Some clinics do 2 IUIs in one cycle - I only get one. My DH has to take his sample to the lab to be washed and prepared, then I go in a couple of hours later for the IUI.

It is quick, and not too painful. The washed sperm sample is injected directly into the uterus with a long plastic catheter thing. They let you lie down for 20 minutes or so afterwards.

The next stage is to take progesterone daily to ensure the lining stays thick. I use suppositories, and have to have 2 each day, morning and night. They will ususally ask you to do a hpt 2 weeks after IUI, or they may do a blood test.

The injections aren't as bad as you expect them to be, so don't worry. It gets easier with time and practise.

Best of luck,I hope this is what you need to get your bfp,and that it will work first time for you!


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