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Hi Princess! Thanks for the babydust! How has the Metformin helped you? I know they told me last year it's suppose to restore your cycles but I never got that. I went 1 year without a period, which is when we started seeing the specialists last July (finally!). I've had 2 periods since July, 2006, and both were induced with Provera to do 2 rounds of Clomid. (last period was in Dec.)

Cristy ~ We do have very similar situations! I started the Metformin in August of 2006, and stayed on that until this past March when my PCP switched me to Fortamet (extended-release form of Metformin). The regular Metformin kept me sick for so long, daily, and I was becoming dehydrated. To be honest, I don't even know if either works because I didn't really give them a good enough shot. After this procedure, it's apparently suppose to increase our chances of conceiving since I do have PCOS, and help the Clomid work? Maybe! I sure hope so!

I wonder if I should mention the Femara to our specialist? Does it work like Clomid or what is it for exactly? I'd love to hear more about it!! Also, what is the accupuncture doing for you? I heard it's good for smokers, people TTC, etc. I wonder why they (our specialists) never mentioned Femara to me! When I do a round of 150mg of Clomid after my procedure and it does not work, our specialist will be referring us to do injectables. That is not a route we're ready for. We want to keep it semi-simple, although for the last year nothing about these procedures and tests/meds, etc has been simple. LOL!

I wish there was a way to talk more. Thanks for giving me hope. I wish you a lot of luck in TTC your second. I hope the Femara works for you!

Kris: The Femara is a hormonal drug used to treat breast cancer, but it is now being used like Clomid to induce ovulation, but I think it doesn't dry up your CM like Clomid can. I take it on days 3-7, and like I said, it has made me ovulate twice so far. I am like you and need to take Provera to get a period, and Clomid has never worked, so I'm surprised that the Femara has worked! I'm hoping I can get my BFP with just taking that and not have to go on to injectables again. As for the acupuncture, it's supposed to get you to have normal periods, but I don't know if it's helped yet or not because I went on CD6 after getting AF by taking Provera. We'll see how that goes!


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