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Hi Jill.

I have done 7 injectable cycles (3 BD cycles and 4 IUI cycles) and then 1 injectable cycle for my IVF. I have always taken the lupron, gonal-f/follistim/bravelle, HCG shot, crinone, and PIO shots. the only problems I ever had was i thought the follistim burned more than the other stims drugs and some of the PIO shots made my butt lumpy and a little sore. mostly though i just get tired and little irritable, but i think i get irritable because i am sometimes resentful of having to start and end my days with shots. it gets on my nerves after a while because it is always in the back of my mind, like oh i can't go to bed until i do this shot, or, better get up early so I can do my shot before work. my DH does my shots for me, i just don't have the stomach nor the courage to do it myself. so i hope you don't experience anything too crazy.
i keep my meds in a 3-drawer rolling cart in my bathroom closet. one drawer for pre-e/r meds (lupron, gonal-f, HCG, doxycycline, zofran), one drawer for post-e/r meds (PIO, crinone, medrol), and one drawer for alcohol wipes and bandaids and such. this way the right needles stay with the right meds and there is no confusion. also, i can roll the cart away and not have to look at it all the time. and since no one knows about my IF issues, i can roll the cart into the closet and it is hidden from view.
I hope this helps!

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