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Re: Retrieval today
Aug 13, 2007
Hi all FINALLY! The nurse told DH that I needed to rest and all I could do for 2 days was get up to go to the bathroom. And he took that quite literally! So i spent 2 days on the couch. I'm so not good at that! Then yesterday I couldn't get on line. Dial up :mad: :mad: GRRRRRRR

Anyway, it went really smoothly. Fri morn there were only 3 embryos left and they decided to transfer all 3. 2 were 8 cells (1 grade 2 and 1 grade 3)and 1 was 5 cells. (grade 3) But i'm told none of that really matters except for lab research.

I have to say this was a really cool experience. They began by presenting us with a picture of our embryos and then we got to watch them on screen as the embryologist prepared them and brought them into to OR. RE counted to 3 and we saw the flash on the ultrasound wen they went in and landed.

I was told I would cramp but never did. Of course i didn't move much for 2 days either!

Beta is scheduled for the 21st sorta. That is the first day of school and I teach 1st grade so if i want to remain employed an appointment that morn is not possible. RE agreed to allow me to come after school to draw the beta but then results wouldn't be known until the 22nd sometime.

Now I may be optomistic and a bit overly sensitive to "signs" but, last night I saw 2 little drips of blood in my panties! The only time I ever saw this before was when I had my chemical. I asked this morn at RE office when I should expect implantation bleeding if I have it and they said 3 days after transfer. Now i know that is actually today but, it is possible that it could have happened last night too. RE office hates to get your hopes up but, did say it could be. What do you all think?


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