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I have got to jump in on this thread and let you all know that I can completely relate to the frustration caused by this horrible weight gain! :mad: Yes, I agree... it has added salt to the wound!

I have gained 30 lbs in two years while TTC!!!! I used to be tall and slender and very confident and proud of my body. Now I hate even looking at the clothes in my closet cause it's so depressing how it looks when I put them on. The worst is I developed a severe muffin top and for the first time ever have gained weight in my legs, and I am now so self-conscious. :( You know, some people can carry x-tra weight very well and look really good. I am NOT that person.

Well back in May, I decided that I needed to go to the gym every single day until I started stimming for my IVF cycle. And I tracked my trips to the gym (where I spent an avg of 70! mins doing cardio and weight lifting). I went 41 out of 43 days. Did not lose a pound!!!! :mad: Now, true a wee bit of the flab started turning to muscle and I felt better, but it was barely noticeable and clothes were just as tight as ever.

So, I realized (accepted) just last week that it was all about my diet.... I admit I really do love food like pizza and french fries and sweets. My sister has struggled w/ her weight her entire life and she recently lost 45lbs during the 6 months preceeding her wedding. She did South Beach. So I went to her house on Monday, got all her books and implemented the diet first thing Tues morning. I got on the scale yesterday for the first time and I have already lost 5lbs!!!!!!!!! And I have only done cardio once in these 5 days!

I spoke to my acupuncturist yesterday about it and he was thrilled to hear that I'm educating myself on the south beach lifestyle. Learning that he is such a huge proponent of it really made me feel good. And like Leenie said, this "diet" is very good for women with PCOS and it even talks about it in the book I read!

Well I'll keep you all posted on my progress. I'm looking forward to getting beyond the first two weeks cause I do miss fruit! Sorry for the long post, I'm just so excited that I've finally lost some weight!

Princess and Holly, you guys are so funny. My DH would just love to see me try and belly dance!

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