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Re: Princess
Aug 29, 2007
Salut Lizzie!!! It was so good to hear that I am not....deformed of anything beucase of tilited uterus. It was so good to hear from these lovely that that really doesn't have any impact of fertiltiy. One less thing to wrry over ;) And you're right, if I have PCOS at least we know that's very easily treated. And we can get going! :D I'm glad to have you back.

Salut, christine!! :D My ultrasound is scheduled for September 20th. I was disappointed at first, bt then I started to think positive... I don't have to take off too much form work all at the same time, (so my boss stays happy), I can get those release forms from Dracula (not that I need the pap results to continue with the doctor's treatments, but I still want him to have them) and it's really not that far away. :D

About the acupuncture....I could go on and on abotu how wonderful it is, but I'll try to be quick.

I have always, always had irregular periods, ever sicne I first started. i was put on BCP when i was 14 (to regulate, I didn't have the sex until I was engaged. :dizzy: Talk about old-fashioned!! LOL) and I got off it when we got married (at 20) Even when i was on BCP, I didn't bleed regularly, and had to keep switching the Pill from dose to dose. And ever since I went off the Pill, I had VERy odd periods. And I hadn't bled since Jan/Feb 07. So in about May (or was it April? Possibly June.) I started going for acupuncture. She said that beucase I have poor diet (I have switched my eating since) and lack of sufficient exercise (walkign to the kitchen for snacks doesn't count, apparently :jester:) and my body was loaded up from body was really unbalanced. So, acupuncture, in Western terms, stimulates your body to flush out the excess hormones and bring your body back into balance (they also emphasize good diet and exercise) so that it is detoxed.

I was VERY unbalanced due to takign BCP in my adult formative years, as my dr put it. But a couple months of treatment (about one treatment a week, even though she wanted me twice) and I have my period. It's an amaizng period....steady flow, no cramps, no clots, and is now ending after about five days.

The greatest thing abotu acupuncture, in my opinion, is the feeling it gives you. The needles really don't hurt (unless you are tense and scared of needles, then you might be a bit uncomfortable) at all. And you come out feelign so relaxed you say.... euphoric. Like walking on clouds.

I highly recommend you try it---just make sure you trust the people you are going to. That it's clean, safe, and they are friendly and answer any questions. And if they say something like "You have a Damp-Cold tongue and weak Kidney pulse" it sounds weird, but that can be easily translated into the western ways we are used to:D

I hope that helped, cherie!!! If you have more questions, do not hesitiate to ask!


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