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[QUOTE=ps1965;3170266]I hope my personal experience might be relevant to many of you out there. After years of fruitless infertility treatment, including IVF, subsequent embryo transfers, clomid cycles, and heparin therapy, I have recently achieved a natural pregnancy taking only Benadryl, the antihistamine, for 6 days during the implantation window (the 3-4 period occuring about 6 days after ovulation) in my cycle.

I am a forty-one year old woman who has been on a fertility journey with my husband for six years. It is important that you know, I was never determined to have any hormonal deficiencies and I do ovulate regularly. My husband's profile was absolutely clean. I went through 3 clomid cycles yielding at least 4 follicles greater than 16mm. I completed an IVF cycle with yielding 12 top grade embryos that made it to Day 6. We used all of the embryos in the fresh cycle and subsequent frozen embryos transfers. After each embryo transfer, I felt a burning irritation for several days following the embryo transfer. I was ultimately told that I had unexplained infertility due to implantation issues. I do have a three year old daughter that I conceived naturally during the cycle immediately following a laparoscopy which determined that I "possibly" have mild endometriosis. The doctors said the surgery would have no bearing on my fertility, that it was a coincidence that I got pregnant. Following a second laparoscopy, four years later I did not achieve the same result. This led me to believe that something in the inflammation and healing process had triggered my fertility. I spent years reading white papers to understand what happened, though I am not a medical doctor. This was an arduous process, to say the least, but I was not going to give up. I learned that the uterine lining is flush with histamines and also found recent research had indicated histamines play a role in the chemotaxis(direction) of white blood cells. So, after surgery when my immune system was compromised, my white blood cells were also quieter. I came to realize that by taking an antihistamine I might again be able to “quiet” my uterine lining enough for the fertilized egg to implant, maybe that burning wouldn't happen, maybe the white blood cells wouldn't prevent the implantation of the embryo, like after the surgery. I took the Benadryl 3 times daily beginning 4 days after a positive reading on an ovulation kit, during what should have been the implantation window. I took the medication for 6 days. It worked. I conceived! I am 16 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby girl.

I did pass this information on to my reproductive endocrinologist’s office and several research physicians. If tested, understood, and proven, the information could benefit millions of families. However, I know the medical research process is lengthy and the process could take years, many years. In the mean time, many families could miss their window of opportunity. I can't say that this could work for anyone else, but unless you are allergic to antihistamines, all you have to lose is $8 for a box of medicine. If you have success, I would be so happy to see your story posted here as the subject is very near and dear to my heart.

Please feel free to reply if I you would like me to provide you with any further information. I am not some freak or mean-spirited person pulling a mean practical joke. I'm just another woman who has been down this painful road and prays that some of you may benefit from this information.

God bless all of you and best of good luck with your journey.[/QUOTE]

I wanted to share my story and hope my experience will help with many others out there who have been through the same path. At the same time, I wanted to thanks “ps1965” who share her experience here. Without her, I wouldn’t have gotten here.

I am 32 year-old, my husband and I have been trying to conceive for over 1 ½ years. Now, to most out there who has been gone through major fertility treatments may think we are not in the right group or consider as infertile. That’s what we were thinking too, at the beginning when we got married. We agree to each other that we want to have at least a year together for ourselves before considering baby. So, we started trying a year after we got married. We timed correctly every month, used the Ovulation Predictor Kit, even read up on different positions… unfortunately, no progress. Then, about a year down the road, we decided get tested. If there is something wrong, we need to get it fix, at least we have to first find out. As a result, I was diagnosed of high FSH. My OB’s explanation was: “poor egg quality, my range reading is similar to someone who is closed to menopause. And I am impossible to get conceived naturally.” Then my OB sent me to an infertility Doctor.

The infertility doctor is even worst. At the consultation with only 1 lab test on hand, he gave me 1 possible option of successful conception is “donor egg.” I got very upset and didn’t go with this infertility doctor/clinic. But my husband and I are not going to give up and do nothing. We have done some research and went on to try Chinese herbal and acupuncture. I went through 2 different herbalists, used both powder herb and raw herb (which you have to cook/ boil it). And I tried each herbalist for a 3-month cycle because it takes 90 days for a follicle to mature to ovulate. Unfortunately none of the herbal or acupuncture works.

Then by July 2007, I got referred to another fertility doctor from a friend. This one is a little more optimistic. She believes that high FSH is not necessary poor egg quality. In fact, their clinic is currently putting a research paper together for this proven. Other things I like this doctor is that she does things more simple and step-by-step. She gave me to do a vaginal ultrasound to see #s of follicles in the ovarian reserve – which turns out I am normal 13 -14. Then she sent me to get an HSG – making sure my fallopian tubes are open. Last, she gave me clomid and proceeded with IUI. I did my very first IUI cycle in October 2007. Unfortunately, is not successful either. I was so depress… thinking that even at IUI, having sperms injected so close into my uterus and still not able to conceive. My egg quality must be really poor condition that has no possibility to fertilize with sperm. At the time, I made up my mind, if after 4 cycles of IUI and I still cannot conceive I will probably have to consider donor egg. Feeling depress and hopeless at the same time I continue to do research for other possible cases I can learn from… then I found your posting.

Along the way since the very beginning when I first diagnosed of high FSH, I have been getting lab tests on FSH counts almost every month. Up to my first IUI cycle, my FSH count is still highly elevated. I am also getting the FSH result for my insurance purposes, because my HMO insurance doesn’t cover IUI when patient has FSH level above 19. It is ridicules. If I have low, normal FSH count, I wouldn’t need fertility treatment. Anyhow, after 1 cycle of unsuccessful IUI, I went to take another FSH test at end of October when my period came. Surprisingly, my FSH got lowered from 22.5 down to 10. And the number is within insurance range for IUI coverage. I got the insurance approval for the next IUI, but didn’t proceed with it because I was out of town for a few days and didn’t have enough time to get the clomid pill on hand. My nurse told us to try on our own this month since my FSH this month is good. Since we are on our own, I wanted to give the Benadryl a try as “ps1965” mentioned. I thought since I paid a thousand on IUI and didn’t work, doesn’t hurt to pay few bucks for Benadryl. Knowing that Benadryl has no harm to body, I followed the direction taking the 25 mg Benadryl for antihistamine 3 times a day beginning 4 days after positive ovulation reading. IT WORKS! I tell you, it really works!

The Saturday after Thanksgiving 2007, I took the home pregnancy test, it came out positive. I was shock at the time, but didn’t believe that home pregnancy test is accurate because I never seen such result. The very next Monday, I called my doctor, the nurse said they will confirm with 2 blood tests – 1 at Monday, next at 3 days later. I pasted both blood tests! Next, I went in for my first ultrasound (vaginal) to make sure make sure the pregnancy is normal and the baby is growing in the right place. By the Friday before Christmas, I was able to hear my baby’s heart beats through an ultrasound device that scans on top of my tummy. One of the best Christmas gifts I ever got!

There are many different circumstances to infertility, I do think that implantation phase is a major issue that most people have and didn’t know about. From the day of ovulation to the day of next menstrual cycle is 14 days or 2 weeks. If the egg is successfully fertilized, it becomes a foreign object to your body, in most of the time your body will reject it. My husband & I think this is where Benadryl helps. The Benadryl gives your body guards a short period of rest so that the fertilized embryo has a chance to implant into the uterus.

I just passed my first trimester and so far, all the screening tests are good. I wanted to share my story for couple of reasons, 1 is to thanks “ps1965” for sharing your Benadryl experience and 2nd is same as “ps1965” – wanted to share my experience to the world hoping 1 additional proven sample can help some of those out there who been through the same journey.

Thanks and good luck to you all!

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