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Re: Introductions
Sep 5, 2007
Hello ladies! My screen name is Jayme82, you can call me Jayme! I am 25 and DH is 30, we have been married for 5 1/2 years and stopped trying to prevent from getting PG right away, so I guess actively TTC for about 5 years.

We started visiting an RE in October 2004 and did all the initial testing for me as well as my DH having a semen analysis. Everything came back pretty good except when they tested my progesterone levels after 'ovulation' my levels were pretty low meaning I either do not ovulate on my own or if/when I do ovulate the eggs are not very viable. Along with that, they saw that my left tube was damaged beyond repair, it was all twisted and could not be fixed so I only had one tube to work with.

We started with Clomid & natural BD for several months, then added IUI and the HCG trigger shot to the mix for several more months. After not becoming PG we then added follistim to the mix and after the second round of clomid/ follistim/ HCG trigger and IUI (followed by progesterone supplements) we finally saw our very first BFP! Well we were able to enjoy that for about 2 weeks and found out on Feb. 14 2006 (yes, valentines day of all days!!) that I had an ectopic pregnancy (tubal pregnancy) so it had to be terminated with a methotrexate shot (no idea how to spell that one!). We took a few months off and started back with treatments and did IUI/ Follistim/ Clomid/ HCG trigger shot and progesterone supplements and ended up seeing our second BFP.....same as the first, another ectopic PG! The second ectopic was much more tragic and did not break the embryo down properly and ended up bursting my right tube in half. Needless to say, I nearly died from this incident and had to have emergency surgery where they pumped 2 liters of blood from my abdomen. While they were doing surgery they also took my left tube out since that one was of no use anyway. My suregery was on Sept. 28, 2006 and we have been taking time off from TTC ever since.

Our only hope for seeing another BFP is through Invitro Fertilization so we have been saving up for that and are expected to start that process sometime between December-February.

Honestly, I never imagined I would have ANY issues getting PG. AF was like clock work when I was in school and was right on time every month. I guess that just goes to show that this can happen to anyone regardless of any prior symptoms.

I do not by any means think that I have had the worst experience possible since I do still have the most vital parts of becoming PG which are my ovaries and my uterus but I will say that I have been through plenty. With my experience I would just like to tell everyone to not loose hope, one day we will all have a complete family to call our own! There are SO many options available for IF couples, some more expensive then others, but still options regardless. Try and be patient, trust me I know how hard it is to hear that, but I do believe you can drive yourself absolutely insane with IF if you do not try and keep an open positive mind.

Good luck to everyone!!

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