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[QUOTE=twinkiezinger;3190338]Hi Emma,

My husband also has diabetes, type 1, and has a condition called retrograde ejaculation, his ejaculate empties into his bladder instead of coming out normally. His seman analysis also told us his swimmers are not in very good condition, bad motility and morphology overall. So we are also recommended to do IVF with ICSI.

It may or may not be impossible for you and husband to conceive naturally, I don't know the overall analysis of his sperm. If only some don't have tails, but most of the others are fine, than it seems to me you may be able to conceive naturally, however if the dr's have already recommended IVF it seems there is more of a problem and they feel your chances are slim to conceive naturally. You should probably contact your Dr. for a detailed explanation as to why they have suggested this for you.

If you do IVF, you will be given a variety of drugs to control your cycle and make you produce a larger amount of eggs which will be fertilized and then replaced in your body. If you do a little research, you will find step-by-step explanations of the process on the internet.

I do not know what the NHS is, I am from the U.S. Some people conceive their first time with IVF, some take many tries, it is not a guarantee. I am sorry you have had a lot to process with this unexpected news, I hope in time a little research and answered questions will help you process this information better.

Good Luck,
Hello! Thank you so much for your reply. Good luck with the ICSI! So do the docs think your husband low motility is attributed to his diabetes? Just FYI NHS is National Health Service, as in the UK we pay for our health care through non optional contribution in our wages, so our health care is (sort of) free. Thanks again!

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