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Re: Sept/Oct IVF
Oct 1, 2007
Try to relax sweety. You've been on higher dose of lupron this time so it just takes longer for you to respond that's all. I did not feel any bloating untill after day 8 of stims, and I had 22 eggs retreived! When is your u/s appointment?

Amiee you made it to e/r! Congratulations and good luck! Keep us posted.

Amy my beta is going to be on 10/3. Trying to stay positive but sometimes I think that this is not my month.

Mady I'm glad you'r staying positive. I feel it's your month hun.
I'm just driving myself insane. I listen to my simptoms and try to decide if I'm pregnant or not. Everyday is different. I'm glad that only 2 days left till my beta.

Baby dust
Re: Sept/Oct IVF
Oct 1, 2007
Thanks Girls, Trigger went fine last night :) I am ready for tomorrow, actually I wish it was Wed. allready and I knew how many/if any fertilized.:D This is the part I get really nervous about because so much can happen. You know we will try for a 5 day since we did a 3 day last time at it didn't work, but it really depends on the quality of the embryos. Last time I only had 1 Grade A, 8 cell after 3 days so I am hoping this crop of eggs :jester: is better and I get really strong embryos.

Oh Holly, you are so close, I can't wait to hear all the details :)

Kari sweetie, I am sorry you are feeling stressed but I actually don't feel anything really at all this time, I have some discomfort late in the day when I am walking but no bloating at all. I am still even doing pilates. So I am sure you have nothing to worry about since you were on a higher dose of lupron it will take you a little longer to respond but everything kinda speeds up in the next couple days so I know you will be just fine. Try and relax and I hope today is treating you a lot better, just hang in there girl your BFP is waiting for you :angel: AimeeM
Re: Sept/Oct IVF
Oct 1, 2007
Luba, Aimee, and Mady... thank you guys so much for the reassurance. It really came at the right time, and I feel [B]SO[/B] much better hearing that none of you felt any bloating this early in stimming. I really need to forget about last time... it doesn't make sense to compare how I felt then to how I feel now since it ended so disastrously before. It's weird though... I now realize how bad it was last time for me to have felt so very bloated after 3-4 days... yikes! Anyway, I went in for b/w this morning and should have the results in a few hours.

Luba, keep thinking positive my girl. I'm saying prayers for you and your three little ones that are keeping a tight snuggle right now inside of you (hope that doesn't scare you to suggest you could have 3 growing babies right now!!! ;) ). Just a couple days till your beta... looking forward to hearing some good news from you.

Mady, Sorry to hear you have had some trouble sleeping. I hope it's all b/c of the hcg hormone that is starting to build up and pump it's way through your system!

Holly, thanks as always for the encouragement. I look forward to returning the favor when you embark on round 2 in just a few weeks now! Hopefully we'll know your calendar come Thursday. Well I'm definitely feeling better so far today. Hoping to have some positive news to report later. :)

Aimee, Hang on girl... just another day till E/R. I've got my fingers crossed that all the eggies are of great quality and you'll have so many to work with that a Day-5 transfer is a certainty!

OK, literally just got that call from RE, and they said I am to just slightly decrease my dose (evening follistim to go from 175 to 150, still 50 in the morning). NP said my E2 had a very nice jump, but didn't say where it's at and I didn't ask ;) . They'll see me again tomorrow morning for more b/w!

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