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Re: Sept/Oct IVF
Sep 4, 2007
Oh Kari, sweetie its so so GOOD to hear from you. I knew you were battling a cyst. I hope it is gone next week or at least small enough to proceed. :) I think this is gonna be your cycle, your RE learned so much last time and I bet they monitor you even closer. I am sending lots of sticky baby dust your way that you have a peaceful and smooth cycle with a nice BFP in the end. You have had such a hard road and I am sure with the sky high estrogen it took forever to get out of your system it all felt even worse. Just be good to yourself. It would be great to keep each other company again.

I had a couple of cysts left over last cycle and my RE was willing to proceed right away but we decided to wait, I really wasn't ready emotionally. If this cycle doesn't work, we are taking a nice long break so I can snowboard this winter :) and I don't know if we will even try again, its taking all my courage to start IVF # 2.

Stay strong sweetie, someone told me a phrase that I tell myself every day now........"[B]don't invite worry[/B]" every cycle is different so what happened last time has no bearing on the future :)......I hope you and DH have a nice night and its not to hot out there. :) :angel: AimeeM
Re: Sept/Oct IVF
Oct 1, 2007
Oh Kari honey, those follies will grow so fast once they get started. I had only 7 follies after 5 days of stimulation and 3 days later we triggered and got 17. Its amazing how fast they get where they should be, you shouldnt worry a bit. Doc is so careful with you this time and I am sure all will be just right when E/R comes. Better smaller E2 than too high....

Amelu, good luck tomorrow and I hope you get a nice big count of healthy eggies and make it to day 5 and more. I had the same fear like you what if they will not fertilize, but you had the previous cycle to know that they did and you shouldnt worry about that.

Holly, you are so close to start, I can feel the excitement in your tone already. I have a feeling this will be your cycle and celebrate your Christmas pregnant.

Luba, I know its hard but stay calm, don't listen to symptoms, its too early for them anyway. And all this progesterone we are taking is bringing all kinds of weird feelings, that you dont even know what to think anymore.
Just put it all in Gods hands, you gave your best, something it will happen.
Do you have problems sleeping now? I wake up at least 2 times a night and I feel that all I do is dream, I suspect is the progesterone again. Or the estrogen patches, I read that gives Dementia as a side effect, :jester: I wonder if Im getting there. :D Oh, one more week of wait....

Hugs and babydust,
Re: Sept/Oct IVF
Oct 1, 2007
Luba, I'm doing the PIO with the big 22 g needle. :( RE said that once we get BFP he will s***** me to vaginal progesterone. Are you on the shots too?
I am also on estrogen patches and thats a high dose, cuz I put 2 at a time, twice a week. I dont know whats that for and I'm not even gonna stress to find out, all of this trouble should help those embies stick.
I feel very big and would eat alot, no clothes fit me and I said that if Monday the result is BFP Im buying maternity pants that same day.
Otherwise, I dont feel much else going on, no cramping, no signs altogether. You are so lucky you get to test so soon, one more week of waiting is gonna get the best of me :jester:

Baby dust,

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