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Thanks Ladies for all your kind words. I truley hope your dreams come true soon.

I too still feel like this isn't real yet. I keep taking baby steps to each appointment and each appointment gives me a little more relief. Before I worried about getting pregnant, now I worry about staying pregnant. Everytime I go to the bathroom I look for spotting. I have never been pregnant so I don't know if I can stay pregnant. I am looking forward to the ultrasound on Friday to see the baby(s) and hear the hearbeat(s), I think that will make it more real. Plus I have only seen the lab techs not the RE yet, so offically I don't know how far along I am by week. Or the offical due date, I would guess early May, but no day yet.

I still have no signs of being pregnant. I don't have morning sickness, I don't pee alot, so I don't have those reminders that I am pregnant. It just feels like every normal day. The only thing that might be related is at night I don't feel good.

My mother in law took me shopping this weekend and bought me maternity clothes. It was weird, because I just don't know how things are going. Until I see that big belly and feel the baby it doesn't seem real. I'm just not comfortable buying a ton of things yet. Maybe after that 12 week mark. Although my DH is wonderful, he keeps telling me that after that 12th week the risk just doesn't magically go away. Every day that goes by up to that 12 week mark, is another day that things get better and the risk goes down. So take it day by day and remember things are getting better, not worse by the day.

Take care, I'll check in on you next Friday. And I guess we will need to move on to the other boards soon.

I know exactly how you feel. I check everytime I go to the bathroom to see if I'm spotting. I too do not have any symptoms until today (kind of) My BBs have been full and feel a little sore today. But I too do not pee a lot or have morning sickness. I'm right there with you thinking this doesn't seem real. I've never been preggo before too. I do have this kind of weird feeling...similar to what I felt during the 2ww. On one side it feels like ovulation pains. It comes and goes but it is on my left side and when I sneeze both sides ache. Of course I freak myself out about eptopic pregnancies...I just need to be positive...Have you had this feeling?

My DH says the same thing we need to take one day at a time and enjoy every moment. If we come to an obstacle, we can deal with it then, but their is no need worying about it now. I think we feel this way because we have been so disappointed for the last 3 1/2 years. I can't wait to hear about your u/s. I have my progesterone checked Thurs. and maybe another BETA. My u/s is next Friday. I'm just a week behind you. My due date is May 17th.
Keeping you in my prayers,
Jill ;)

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