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Re: Mariella
Sep 12, 2007
Hi ladies, you are all so sweet for thinking of me. Thank you. Well after my last miscarriage, the doctor said to wait for my next AF then we could try IUI again. So I have had the last month "off" so to speak and frankly it has been a relief not to think about ttc and all that goes with it. So I have purposely stayed away from any boards about babies, pg, ttc etc etc, so please excuse my absence!!

So we have been relaxed, we BD around O (he he just in case) and I am now on day 29, expecting AF any day. The doctor says she could take a few more weeks to come, because of the miscarriage, but my history shows that I usually get right back on track immediately. I am starting to spot, so it could go either way, but I am not even getting my hopes up right now, I have a sort of (i'm too busy to think about it attitude), and it's getting me through.

When I stop and think things like (wow I would have been over 9 weeks pregnant this week), it really upsets me and depresses me so I just don't think about that anymore, it's just too hard. I kept the appointment with my dr that I had made (I would have been 7 weeks) and ordered lots of blood tests, for full blood count, iron, glucose, lupus antibodies (i think) and other antibodies which all came back normal today, as did my thyroid. So, I am officially a secondary infertility case, with no reason for my troubles, ha other than my age!!

I am going to now get a mycplasma cervix culture and see what that shows, has anyone had this done before? I have started to take cardiprin baby asprin, now for a couple of weeks, one a day, but I am still so worried that if we do get another BFP from the next iui, that we will lose it again. It's a terrifying thought and I don't know if I could cope with another loss. But hopefully with the asprin and the progesterone pesseries it would stick.

My friend just had her 2nd ivf fail so I am not alone here. Well sorry for the looooong story but just filling you all in. Hoping all is well with you all, and I need to read back on all the posts to see what has been happening, who is at what stage etc etc - I feel out of the loop now lol. Take care all.

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