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Re: Cbb...
Sep 9, 2007
Hi Girls! Thank you so much for starting this thread for me!

I've been trying really really hard to keep myself busy this weekend so that I wouldn't go crazy thinking about beta day. I even made chicken and dumplings from scratch this morning! that's how hard i am trying to distract myself.

Beta is tomorrow at 9am. last time they called me around 12:30pm with the results. but the instruction sheet i have from my e/t says they will call sometime before 4pm. so it could be a very long day. i have to be at work for 12:30 tomorrow so i am kind of petrified that they are going to be calling me as i am walking in to work and i am going to be stuck taking the call.

i found one dollar store hpt in the back of my closet from the last ivf cycle and i am thinking i might take it tomorrow morning. this way if it is bfp i can go about my day happily. and if it is bfn i will be prepared to hear it later. and even though i know it won't make it any easier to hear bad news mentally i'll already know it's coming and will have a few hours in the morning to adjust.

i don't feel pg or not pg. the only thing different for me this ivf cycle was the small spotting last week and some light cramps that i have felt on and off this week, not the same as my usual gut-wrenching AF cramps. but that doesn't really tell me anything i guess.

so please everyone remember me in your prayers tonight. I won't be able to post my results until i get home from work tomorrow night which will be around 6pm so as soon as i can I will let you all know. I am praying with all i've got that this time it worked for us. :)
Re: Cbb...
Sep 10, 2007
Oh Holly. I just got back from beta and have to get ready for work but i have to tell you i have a lump in my throat and i feel so scared i want to throw up. part of me keeps saying, it was a bfp on the hpt so that should be very encouraging. then the other part says well what about the spotting? and i go back and forth and i just wish i could stay in bed all day and wait for the call. i want this to be for real but my nerves have gotten a hold of me and i am going crazy. i was thinking in my mind how i was going to call DH at work after i get the call and how awesome it would be to say you're going to be a daddy. then i told myself not to get ahead of myself. i keep going back and forth in my head and honestly just want to cry. i think i am truly going crazy and coming undone.

Keep on thinking positive for me. i will feel so much better after the nurse calls and confirms that bfp i saw this morning. for now i am almost afraid to believe it.

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