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hi girls!

My next appt is on the 16th - it is my first appt with my OB. I know they'll do some more testing and an u/s. hoping to see growth in both babies and a quicker heartbeat. Kari - yes the u/s are much better when you have something like a baby to see in there, but they have still been trans-vaginal for now. i can't wait til that dumb magic wand is out of my hoo-ha.

Princess - no SIL does not have u/s pics yet. she has her first appt today at her OB so I guess maybe she'll get one. she's been going around telling people she thinks she is having twins because she thought her hcg level was high. she has no clue. and she does not yet know about me. i am going to find the right time to spring it on her. can't wait to see the look on her face.

Cristy - i have been blessed so far with this pregnancy. no m/s at all. i am 8 weeks now and feel great. other than being very tired, and having occasional cramping, and the pimples on my face, I feel really good. i am actually surprised because all the books i read said multiples make everything more exaggerated. but so far so good. i consider myself lucky. maybe God has said, OK she suffered for 3 years through all this IF stuff, now let's make her pregnancy enjoyable?

Holly - i am confident next year you'll be announcing twins too! Hang in there!

Tonight we are going to tell my dad and brother. it's my dad's 71st birthday. he is going to fall off his chair. should be fun.

i can't wait until the 16th. I'll feel better when i see the babies again and by then i'll be 9 weeks and i think a little more confident. also, i am going to be referred to a perinatologist so i am anxious to meet him. wish me luck girls!
OK ladies - here's the story.

Right before we went to the SIL birthday dinner last night, one of our mutual friends called me and said that all week SIL had been going around saying she knew she was having twins because she thought her HCG levels were high. (of course everyone here knows that is not a reliable indicator).

so we get there, and we're all seated at the table (7 of us), and she immediately starts talking about her doctor appt yesterday morning and whips out an u/s pic. so we all pass it around and i pretend to be interested. and then whammo! i break out my scrapbook with 3 u/s pics from 3 different dates, and i said to her, oh i have some pictures i want to show you. and she's thinking they are from a vacation or of my nephews or something else. and then she opens the book and is completely shocked. and i yell across the table - it's twins! oh my god! I can't believe it we are having twins! and i just proceed to gush about it and how wonderful it is, knowing full well she wanted twins. it was priceless. then i went on and on about getting 2 of everything at my baby shower and how i get extra special care from the doctors and how special twins are. it was hilarious. and the whole time, SIL and BIL were just dumbfounded. they were like, oh my god she stole our thunder. and of course my FIL was just babbling on and on about the twins. they were completely forgotten about. so my evil plan went well. and when it dawned on SIL that I would have the babies first she was visibly upset.

I watched and she only ate a little bit of her dinner. i guess i ruined her appetite. then later on i tried to pretend to be nice and make conversation about all things baby, but i know she was just really unhappy. it was like before she could not stop talking about baby stuff but now that it wasn't all about her anymore she was sullen and moody. hee hee.

That will teach her. she is so competitive, it's about time someone taught her a lesson. i guess i'm lucky i have no one to compete with. all of my friends do their own thing on their own timing.

then we went back to her house for birthday cake and after we ate, she did this wacky OCD thing where instead of sitting with all of us and talking, she got up and started scrubbing down her kitchen. literally while we were all having conversation at the table. that's how i know i really got under her skin. she looked like a lunatic, washing dishes and wiping the stove and loading the dishwasher and we're all watching the football game and having beverages. i hope she doesn't pass that craziness on to her kid.

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