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Hi Krissy.

To answer your question, I believe using ICSI increases your odds of fertilization because they inject one sperm into one egg so it will help facilitate the fertilizing, but that embryo still has to incubate and then transfer and then implant so ICSI helps but alone is not going to make for a successful cycle. My DH and I have "unexplained IF" so our RE did ICSI just to help things along. When we were doing IUI's, I always suspected somehow those sperm were not meeting up with the eggs, so I figured it would help me to try ICSI. My RE also has no explanation for why my first IVF didn't work. I had 2 blastocysts transferred and everything went smoothly. I was very disappointed when it didn't work but then I realized that sometimes IF treatments are trial and error and sometimes it just might not be the right time. I read up on stuff and realized that a lot of things take place after transfer; embryo still has to divide normally, there must not be any genetic problems, it must implant properly - so i saw how something might have gone wrong for me. My second IVF went along the same as the first and it worked. I have no logical explanation for it. The only difference was this time I transferred 3 embryos and froze none. My RE had also told me in the beginning that if i would consider doing IVF three times I would most likely get pregnant so i prepared myself mentally that i might have to do it more than once. But i have heard of working many times on the first try - like Cmarie said. So of course there is a chance that you might only have to do it once. and i hope that is true for you. for some of us it just takes another try. but there are many IVF success stories to be had on these boards and i am sure soon you will be adding to them. Best of luck to you!

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